Monday, September 12, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle--Sept. 12, 2011

Matthew ended up with a concussion a week ago playing soccer in the MTC. The goalie accidently kicked him in the back of the head and knocked him unconscious. He was taken to the emergency room and they did a C.A.T. scan and said he would be okay. He said his eyesight is back to normal and is feeling good. Amazing how he can play soccer for 15 years and then end up with a concussion in the MTC. I think they play more like Rugby in there :0

Hola Dad!

Thanks for Garret's adress. I'm so excited for him to come out on a misson. Tell him I love him and am so happy for him. Tell him that God loves him, and is aware of his desicion, as well as his dad. I will write you a letter with all the information since I don't have much time on the computer. Sorry you've been having to work so much. Thanks for working hard for us and always making sure we have enough to survive. Good job fixing the timing belt on the car. That's a fairly big job. My head is fine. No worries the doctor said to just stay out of sports for a week or so, so I just go to the gym with mi companiero and lift weights. Everything is fine. I love it here. Reading in the scriptures all day and bearing testimony of my savior really makes me realize that nothing else matters in the world. I feel like the world doesn't even exist anymore. It will be weird to be out of the MTC, but I'm excited to go find people that the lord has been preparing for me to teach by the power of the Holy Ghost. It's amazing how fast the language is coming. With the help of the spirit we can accomplish all of our goals, and keep reaching higher and higher. Love you. .

-Elder Whittle

Hola mi madre bonita,

Everything is A ok. don't worry about me. My head has no more bump and my headaches are gone so everthings as good as new. I get to see Elder Moore every Sunday and Tuesday at choir. It's so great. He's such a stud. He just got sick the other day so he wasnt able to attend choir yesterday, but I think he'll be just fine. Elder Avery left this morning. I was able to say goodbye to him yesterday so that was good. I like the name Carter Monroe. good choice.. La Idioma es mui bien por mi. It's amazing how much I really know. I still need to get better on the conjugations of verbos, pero esta bien. We teach lessons without any notes in Espanol to our investigadors and it's really neat. We also contact and set up appointments in Espanol and bear testimony throughout the day. for the past week we have been on an english fast. We have not been allowed to speak any english all week. Its a game out teacher has set up for us, and I won because I didn't let myself speak any english all week. If i didn't know a word I would look it up, and I had to explain to everyone that I'm only speaking Espanol hoy. It was really neat. It helped me so much. I hope I get your package, but I don't think I'll get it until wednesday because they're moving the post office to a new location, pero esta bien porque es no importante por salvacion. haha I say that all the time to my district. I will write you a letter today as well. I don't have much time on the computer. Thanks for everything mother. I love you so much. You are my hero. I look forward to hearing from you every week. I could use some more garment bottoms, mesh preferably. I don't know how but I have two extra shirts with no bottoms haha. it's interesting. Tell everyone back home I love them and I'm doing great. I love my savior Jesucristo. Remember that God loves all of us. He loves us so much that he gave the perfect for the imperfect. Stay strong, and always remember to read and pray. Vaya con Dios!

Love Elder Whittle

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  1. Glad to hear Matthew is ok. That's a lttle scary! I guess all those prayers for missionaries around the world are being heard.