Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- September 28, 2011

Subject: Muchas Español

Well this week we didn´t have any apostle come speak to us. It was quite the bummer seeming how we have basically had one every week while I´ve been here in the MTC, but the good news is that this weekend is conference. Im so pumped to be able to just sit back and to listen to all the things that are going to be taught. Conference really is an amazing time. Hopefully everyone will be taking notes and trying to remember a lot of the things that are being talked about. If the things that are being spoken are really from God, then why wouldn´t we want to listen to them, apply them to ourselves, and remember them as well. I was basically a regular week in the MTC. I was able to continue teaching my investigators, and learning more about the gospel. I was also able to get back into my weight lifting routine which was quite nice, got to stay ripped somehow. Jajajaja. On monday we found out that one of our teachers wasn´t going to be our teacher anymore because he is now going to be heading off an important project. I guess there is no written books, for native spanish speakers that would help them in learning portuguese for there missions, so he is going to start compiling a book for them. Kinda cool but it sucks that he will not be our teacher anymore. We got a new teacher, Sister Edwards she went to Paruguay (don´t now how to spell it) on her mission and so far she is a really good teacher. Our speaker this week was Don R. Clarke of the seventy. He talked to us mostly about how to become better missionaries, it was a good talk.

So what is going on back home? Is Bryson still playing football? Keyton did you get my spanish letter?

Welll i don't really have any time left, just know that I love you all, and will talk to you soon

Con Amor
Elder Mooré


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