Thursday, September 22, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore---Sept. 22, 2011

Subject: El Libro De Mormon

Well this week has been pretty great. Last Thursday all the missionaries in the MTC, were given a copy of the new Ensign that hasn't even been released yet. It is such an amazing issue of the Ensign. The whole thing is about one specific topic, and the topic is the Book of Mormon. What an amazing book, it is so essential to our gospel. It is the keystone of our religion. Im so thankful for the opportunity that I have had to read it. The contents are so useful to someone of our day and age. To those that are reading this, I would invite you to read it if you have not already, or to re-read it. The Book of Mormon is so important to our gospel, it teachs of the doctrines of Christ and his message for us in our day. Hopefully you guys will soon have the new ensign also, it is so good. So all the missionaries got a copy of it, and we were also told that we would be having something special having for the tuesday devotional about it. So tuesday arrived and we were able to hear a talk from Russell M Nelson, of the quarom of the twelve, its so crazy that they haven't had apostles here at the MTC since May, and then when i get here, 3 out of the 4 devotional are all apostles. I love it so much, jajaja. Well Russell M. Nelson spoke about the book of mormon, and gave a lot of numbers on it. I am a number person, so it was nice to know how many different languages it has been translated into, and how many copies have been distributed stuff like that. Overall it was an amazing talk. Well no tengo mucho tiempo pero, i just wanted to say I loved hearing the Utah beat BYU. jajajaja. Even though i like both schools. Dad the language is coming along pretty good, today im going to try to only speak spanish. Max Pickett is in my zone, and ive also seen Tanner Webb and a bunch of people from my school. Mom I didn't have to show my insurance card at the doctors office, it was all good. Just paid to co-pay and paid for the meds, im doing a lot better health wise now. I sorry to hear that the basement flooded, but as i alsways say life will go on. Its funny to hear that my back tire was flat because I had a nail in the back hahah. wonder how that happened. I don't think that there are doing an MTC choir for conference, but im so pumped to be able to listen to conference, hopefully you guys are too. Have certain questions you want answered in mind, and then listen for the answers to those questions. I was nice to get the wedding invitation, for Megan and Jordan. I sincerely love both of them, and am so happy for them. Bernie thanks for the letter, my letter to you is on its way. Keyton haven't heard much from you, what is going on. Take some time out of the time you play video games and write me fool. jajaja. Well that about it for today talk to you all next week. Love you all

Amore Elder Moore


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