Monday, September 19, 2011

Elder Josh Terry--September 19, 2011

The story at the end of the letter refers to a sign on the restroom door at the MTC that refers to closing the facility due to the "vandalism". I have attached a picture of the sign as well as the "criminal" involved - and no, it was not Josh. I'm thinking maybe he didn't explain to building maintenance what happened?.....

Also, I've separated his email into paragraphs and added capital letters at the beginning of sentences for easier reading - but tried to maintain the "flavor" of Josh's writing. :) ---Stephanie


How are you all doing on this fine day?? Weather here in minnesota is great. I was shocked to find out that 40 degrees here and 40 degrees in Utah are so different though. The humidity freezes straight through you. So I will definitely have to start putting on some layers come winter. Unfortunately the fall has kinda been skipped here. The first day i was here it was 90 degrees and the next day was down to 45. Hopefully we start to get more of a fall here soon.

Anyways, the work is coming along great. I spent some time at the doctors to try and get feeling better but i just feel sick still. I will have it all figured out soon enough and all will be well soon. So no worries there. It just starts to be frustrating because i just want to get out there and work more!

Well this week we have picked up a few investigators, which is great! We also recieved a referral and went to meet him on friday. He is such a good guy. I know that if he actually reads like he said he would then he will be baptized. He really has so much potential. So the events of tracting this week: we knocked an entire nieghborhood without one single door opening. The next we had guys answer with their shirts off- sometimes more. Ahhhh. We had someone yell that they dont want to buy any knives and slam the door. haha! there are just so many funny things that will happen as you are out tracting. You just have to not take anything personal when they slam the door in your face :)

I went to a baptism on saturday from some other area. That was awesome to go and see someone take that step. I hope to see that many times throughout my mission. Sorry that there isn't much news. I've been busy a lot with the doctor and stuff but i hope we can really pick things up in these upcoming weeks.

Mom i loved your package that is so funny! I wear that john deere shirt everynight to sleep. When we get packages here we just pick them up from the apartment so its really easy. I'm grateful for that. We have lots of member support here. Since we have been here the dinner calendar is completely full every week. the first week we only had about two but now we get lots. We have such a nice ward.

Mom either of those two things to send would be fine. I'm eating pretty good out here with all the members feeding us.

This week has been a really trying week on me. God is humbling me in so many ways. I have realized as I've been feeling sick these past few weeks that without God i really cant do much. It has really put that into perspective for me. Now i just hope that he sees that i have learned that and will let me get better!! :)

Tell grandma thank you for the message she sent. It means a lot. And i love that definition. When it gets hard out here you just have to look at the big picture and everything is fine. I truly do love it here and i know that when i am better i will even more so! Thank you for all you do.

Anyways I'm glad you got the SD card okay. I had to force it into the mail slot cuz it was so fat so i was a little worried it wouldn't make it. Oh and to clarify. The big one with glasses, the one in front of the door with the sign, is elder hemmelgarn. The story of that sign is that we were waiting outside of the bathroom for him and we hear this scream. so we go in and he apparently had gone number 1 (he specifically told us that) and flushed the toilet and it started to overflow, so he jumped backwards to not get it on his pants and shoes. And him being a big guy in a small stall, when he jumped back the door broke off. That is when we ran in to see him standing there over a broken out door with the toilet just flowing over. Funniest thing i had ever seen.

Anyways i need to go but i love you all so much. thank you for all you do and have done for me.


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