Monday, September 12, 2011

Sister Alex Hartvigsen--September 12, 2011

This week has been a good week. On Wednesday we had a lesson with a women at a member's home. We tried to teach her about the Plan of Salvation but all she wanted to do was complain rather than do anything. We talked to her about Agency and how we are responsible for how we react but we don't think that she is really prepared to progress at this time. On Thursday we met witha women and taught the 10 commandments and the Law of Tithing. On Saturday she came to the Visitor's center with the , a family that has been fellowshipping her in an English ward and watched the Joseph Smith Movie. She has been coming to church regularly but won't commit to a baptismal date yet because she doesn't feel like she knows enough. On Friday we had Sister Arias as an exchange leader. It was a really good day. We met with a women and taught her about tithing and fasting and challenged her to pay her tithing and fast offerings so that she can gain a testimony of them as well as enjoy the blessings that Heavenly Father has for her. We then met with a less active women. We talked to her about Heavenly Father and parents are responisble to teach their children. We challenged her to read from the Book of Mormon with her sons even if its just for a little every day. We then met with the a familia in our ward and taught them about the Restoration. They are members but the husband is less active and a little apathetic about religion. He has had several spiritual experience but they have been a while ago. We talked to him about how answers come only after our faith has been tested and challenged them to read and pray together as a family, to invite the Spirit. On Sunday we met with a women and talked to her about the upcoming General Conference as well as the personal progress program that is available for her 13 year old daughter. She wants to come back to church . She wants her son and daughter to be able to have good friends and influences their age. We have invited the YW president to come to our next lesson to introduce them into the YW program. Brenda was concerned that she wouldn't know anyone but right now is the perfect time in our ward because we just combined with an English ward for YW and Primary and so everyone is getting to know each other. It has been a good week and I'm excited for this next week. We have a mission tour coming up on Thursday and Friday where a member of the Seventies is coming and going to talk with us. It should be really good.
I love you all, Have a great week!
Love Hermana Hartvigsen

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