Thursday, September 8, 2011

Elder Moore--Sept. 8,2011

Subject: Boo ya, Two weeks

Well I have officially been in the MTC for two weeks now, and I must say the the weeks are picking up. I have no idea where all the time is going. I am still struggling through my spanish but I know that if I am putting forth my best effort the barrier between me and my investigators will be bridged by the spirit. I cannot stress enough, the need for preparation befor the mission. I thought that I was, doing pretty good from a religous, and doctrinal stand point. But when you get out here you realize that you really don't know as much as you thought that you did. So for all those who may be reading this letter, and are planning on going on a mission. Please heed my counsel and prepare as much as possible, so that when you get out in the field you can be the best missionary possible. Well last week was a pretty good week for me, I really started grasping the spanish language, and there is still so much more to understand. We were able to teach three investigators so far and it can be so frustrating when trying to convey your feeling to them in thier native tounge. But ive had so many great experience already here in the MTC. Meal time here is so great, its just an endless buffet of food. And my favorite DRINKS mostly the chocolate milk, jajaja. We had the oppurtunity of going to the temple this last week and it was so fun going to a temple that i haven't been to before. Also this last week I had the great pleasure of having my best friends visit me. Elder Whittle and Elder Terry, and evern Elder Avery came. It was nice just to see some fimiliar faces and have the chance of talking with them whille here in the MTC.
Elder Terry left this Tuesday and it kinda sucked because I wasn't able to say goodbye. He was busy doing all his packing and it was kinda late in the evening. Im glad that he is able to get out there and do the work now. Elder Whittle and I get to see each other every week in choir practice, and in the choir for tuesday devotionals. I even started sittting with him during those things. So we are able to talk alot, he mostly in Spanish, and I a little bit of both. jajaja. Well sounds like everyone is just continuing their lives. I haven't heard anything from Bernie whats up with that. And I'd like to hear more from Keyton about his high school experiences. Sounds like g's house is coming along slowly but surely. Id like to see how its looking now. Well thank you so much for all your letters. Until next time.

Amor Elder Moore


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