Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elder Tyler Hartvigsen-- Sept. 6, 2011

Hello Everyone!!

so i didnt know last time i emailed you, but my p-day was moved to tuesday since monday was labor day, and our mission president wanted us to be out finding people. so yesterday my companion and i decided that we would spend the whole day tracting and trying to find people. we had plent of door's slammed in our faces, and alot of people were not very happy we were out on the holiday. towards the end of the day we were a bit discouraged cause we hadn't found anyone yet, and we have been praying to find someone that god has prepared for us to teach. but lo and behold later last night we were out on our bikes and this lady walked by who seemed really sad, so i talked to her for a while, and she told us that she needed a change, and invited to come over to teach her on wednesday. it was a really big answer to prayers. we also rode by a group of kids who were skateboarding, and they kinda were snickering at us, so i went over to talk to them and asked if i could try skating. i think they let me just cause they wanted to see me fall! haha but i dont think they expected me to school them while wearing my Penny Loafers!! they were impressed i guess cause we got their names and they said we could come by another time. it was pretty funny. im getting really used to mission life out here, my ZL's told me i seem to be adjusting better than most. im pretty excited about this new program we have called teaching in chapels, where we take investigators on tours of the church, the spirit is really strong when we do it. we are one of the first missions to test the program so we feel really blessed. they tested the program earlier in california and the mission saw more than a double increase on baptism's!! we have about 6 or 7 people on date for baptism right now. im really excited for it! Mom i did get your package from you and elizabeth, and THANK YOU!!! it helped so much! it was packaged fine and all the food was in tact! you can just send packages and letter's directly to the same address that you have been and you should be golden! the farm looks really great! im jealous.. i am having some serious shooting withdrawls!!! hahah just kidding. anyways im sorry if anyone was worried i didnt email yesterday, but i should be back to monday p-day's from now on! on love everyone and thank you so much for all the support! i hope everyone is enjoying school, and had a good labor day!

I love you!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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