Monday, October 3, 2011

Elder Tim Jones-- Oct 3, 2011

I've learned lately that missionary work, ya the main focus is the get people to join the church and everything. But there really is so much more. Just helping inactives, members, giving blessings to people that ask you and stuff. There really is so much to missionary work that people don't realize.
Last night was cool. We got failed for a cita and so we heard people in the room across the hall. We knocked and knocked and nobody answered. But we just kept knocking. Finally a lady answered and let us in. She is a member (less active) that we didn't even know about and she was so happy that we came and knocked on her door. She said how she had been praying for something good to happen and then we knocked on her door. Just cool stuff like that. I feel like those "cool stories" about misionary work are starting to happen.
So this saturday we had the baptism of Pedro!! It was way good. He´s a stud, so you guys probably wanna find out more about him so i´ll give you a little story.
So he is from bulgaria and he is 21 yrs. old but he left his family in Bulgaria because his parents didn´t treat him very good and he heard that he could find work in spain. So one day he pretty much just left. He went to Malaga with only like 100 euros and started looking for a job. He looked and couldn´t find one. Then one day he was praying for help and later that day the sister missionaries contacted him on the street, and they gave him a BOM in bulgarian and taught him the first two lessons. Then pedro heard that there was more work in Granada so he decided to come here. The hermanas called us and told us about him but they both finished their missions last transfer. Anyone so one day we were just contacting and it was a miracle but we found pedro just walking down the street. It was awesome. We didn´t even know what he looked like and we literally ran right into each other. And from there on out it´s just been way good. He´s is just a straight up stud. He reads like 15 chptrs a day in the BOM. So for the past month me and elder Becerra have been meeting with him every other day teaching him, and we committed him to the 3rd and everything. it was pretty cool. So last saturday he was baptised. It was way good

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