Monday, October 17, 2011

Sister Alex Hartvigsen--October 17, 2011

Message body
Dear family, I hope that you all have had a really good week. I heard that it snowed in Utah. I am starting to love the weather down here again. We fluctuate between 70-100 now. Its really nice. I'm half way tempted to become a snowbird once the mission is over. ;) My week has been really good. We were able to teach several people. On Wednesday we received a referral from the visitors center and decided to contact her. This referral is amazing She was a referral from her dentist with whom she had an appointment earlier Wednesday morning. She was really receptive. She told us that God has blessed her in many parts of her life and that she wants to learn more. She has never smoked, drank or used drugs. We are really excited to be able to teach her. We invited her to come to church this last Sunday but she was unable to because of a previous work commitment. We went to the Visitors Center with a less active women and her 2 teenagers. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and how Heavenly Father wants us to have joy in our lives. We invited the kids to be baptized when they have received an answer from Heavenly Father that this message is true.. We met with a women and her daughter and talked about the importance of knowledge. Her daughter is a member and was able to complete part of her personal progress during the lesson. We met with the a less active family. We talked to them about some ways that we can make our homes a refuge from the world and put the Savior as the center and then everything else will either fall into place or fall out of our lives. We also challenged them to pray together and invite someone to meet with us in their home. They agreed and we will be following up with them during our next appointment. On Saturday we were able to contact a referral from a member. On Sunday we met with a recent convert family and talked about the Word of Wisdom and how we can have more liberty as we keep the commandments. That lesson was a little bit harder because I am still learning some vocabulary about the word of wisdom and they kept asking what kind of teas they could have. I didn't know the word for chamomile tea which they drink sometimes. but, i think I got it cleared up. On Saturday I went on exchanges with Sister Vause for a dinner appointment. We ended up eating with an English family. While we were talking it came out that one of the men there knew Uncle Dale Hartvigsen from High School and also grew up in Downey. His name is Dean Morris. If anyone talks to Uncle Dale, I'm supposed to say Hi from Dean Morris. Its a small world ;)
I hope that you all have a wonderful week!

Thank you for all you do
Hermana Hartvigsen

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