Thursday, October 6, 2011

Elder Corbin Moore-- Oct 6, 2011

Well unfortunately conference is now over. But what a great conference it was. I enjoyed all of the great talks and the annoucement of some new temples. A new one in Provo, Columbia, South Africa, Wyoming, and Paris France. The work of the lord is really going forward and will continue to do so. I love the talk that was given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, in the Priesthood Session. Wow there was some really good stuff in there. Hopefully Keyton and Bryson were both listening during that talk was specifically for you guys and it was such a good one. That talk was also for me, currently serving and for mom and dad also. They need more senior missionaries. "I'm going to get in my face a little, nose to nose, just enough fire to singe your eyebrows". I loved when he said that. jajaja. The other talk that I loved was Elaine S Dalton's Talk. Wow that was a great talk. Even though I don't have to worry about those things for a couple years, the talk really hit home. On tuesday we had a speaker come and talk to use. It was Chad Lewis, who came and talked to our stake back home also. So yeah it was pretty good. I also had an interesting experience at the temple last week. I was standing outside of the temple talking to a missionary how had recently got off his mission to Brazil. And I was telling him that i had a brother who was there, and although he didn't know Brayden, out of nowhere, this another guy came up and was like "Elder Mooooore", i was wondering who is this guy. I then came closer and realized that i wasn't Brayden, but that I looked exactly like him. He asked if i had a brother who was in Brazil and i told him that i did. Well apparently he served with Brayden in Brazil, and is actually in our stake. His name is Spencer Hatch. Well anyway if you are reading this e-mail Brayden, he says Hi. jajaja.

Dont have much time left. Dad yeah it is kinda weird that they switched out teacher, but yet again yesterday we found out that we would be switching teachers again. So we will have had five teachers here in the MTC. Crazy huh? I have seen Elder webb a bunch, and I see Elder Whittle every tuesday and sunday in choir. His spanish is amazing. Im sorry to hear about Josh and the things that he is going though at this time. I wrote him a letter on monday so hopefully he will be getting that soon. Im so pumped for Garrett, that is so great man. You will be a great missionary, and will love the Spanish language, just work hard at it.

Con Amor Elder Mooré


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