Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle-- October 25, 2011

Matthew's new address is:

Elder Matthew Whittle
451 West Bobier Drive
Vista, CA 92083

O and by the way. Yes I did get the bike, and the package. Thank you so much. We bike half the week and have a car for the other half. Love you!

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 11:34 AM, Matthew Whittle wrote:
Hola mi madre bonita!

It's amazing being in the field I love it. We have so many miracles everyday. I'm in Oceanside and it's great. We're definitely in the Ghetto haha. It's a really good thing because there are so many people who are having hard times, and are humble. Most of them listen to us, and we're just focusing on finding investigadors because we're white washing the area right now. Our first night we had an amazing miracle with a man named David. Dad has the details in my letter to him. Whenever we don't know where to go next, we both say a prayer, and then wait for impressions. We always know where to go after that, and it seems like Heavenly Father is putting people in our path that are ready to hear about the restored church of Jesucristo. We contacted all day yesterday, from 2 until 9. It was a long day, but we had a lot of miracles. We were walking down the street and we saw two mexicanos unloading a truck with a couch in the back, so I ran and said peudo aydarle. They said no, but I just walked up and said pero quiero ayudarle. so they said ok and I grabbed the other end of the couch, and now we have an appointment with the family to come teach them. They said that they are looking for a new religion, kind of a fresh start in their lives. So that was just one of the many miracles we have been having. I love this work it's so amazing. I hope everything is ok at home. I love you all, and pray for you everyday. Keep doing what's right, and remember to always reach out to others. God puts people in our paths for a reason, don't ever be afraid to share the gospel with them. Adios!

Love Elder Whittle

The mission is amazing. I love it here. My first night out, my companion and I prayed before getting out of the car to know where to go. We looked around a while, and then we both had an impression to go to a certain house. We went there and there was a sign that said beware of dogs and a chain link fence. The yard is all dirt with holes everywhere from the dog. So we went in and knocked on the door. Nobody answered, but the owner came around from the backyard. His name is David and he only speaks espanol. We talked for a long time, and he said that he has been making a lot of changes in his life with drugs, and drinking. Then you wont believe what he said to us, but he said you know what, you guys wanna make me mormon, then come on over. So we set up an appointment and we've taught him once, and hopefully we'll teach him today. I challenged him to baptism the first lesson, and the spirit totally hit him. It was amazing. He is going to try and find out if it's what he really wants. He's an awesome guy.
My companion is Elder Kidd from Idaho. He's a great trainer. We are being exactly obedient in everything, and the Lord is guiding people to us. I'm in Oceanside right now in an area called pazole, and central. It's a sweet place. It's the ghetto of ghettos in pazole. Its a lot of fun. Don't tell mom this but it has the highest murder rate in Orange County. Someone was killed last week on the basketball court so it's pretty intense, but they respect us because they see that we're missionaries. We're white washing so we're just trying to get investigadors mostly right now. It's hard work but really fun and rewarding. Our goal was to contact 30 people on the street yesterday, but we ended up contacting 65! it was crazy. A lot of people here have been prepared to receive the gospel for sure. Well I hope all is well. Te amo tambien.

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