Monday, October 3, 2011

Elder Tyler Hartvigsen--Oct. 3, 2011

Hey Everyone, how is everyone doing? i doing alright, its been another hard week, but i love it here. i had a pretty gnarly fall on my bike the other day, i was going like 15 mph in the dark, and there were car headlights in my eyes so i was pretty blind, and i hit a pole.... hahahaha i flew off my bike and landed and skid like 10 feet on the ground. it was intense. ii didnt get hurt luckily. the lord was watching my back! ;) my bike's sprocket got bent and wasnt working, so we went to an investigators house and asked if we could borrow a hammer, we talked to him while i banged on my bike and beat the sprocket back into shape. it was a pretty redneck fix, but it works. i am getting pretty good at jerry riggin things now. it is my two monthh mark on my mission.. it seems like ive been out for longer for some reason. haha conference was really good this weekend! did you all have a chance to watch it? i really liked robert d hales talk, it gave me more motiviation to perservere through my tirals. anyways, i love you all, and i got to run, thanks for all the supprot. it means so much! :)

-Elder Hartvigsen

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