Monday, October 24, 2011

Elder Josh Terry--October 24, 2011

I would like to thank all of you who have had Josh in your prayers as he has valiantly struggled with this illness. This has been a challenging time for our family as we wrestled with the best way to handle Josh's situation. I can only say that a sense of peace came for me last week as I recognized and admitted my own limited ability to "solve" this problem and finally just put it in the hands of the Lord.

Josh was given permission to call us yesterday to discuss his options. Clark and I both feel strongly that it is time to bring him home for needed medical attention and, of course, some rest and TLC. As you can imagine, it was difficult for Josh to "give up". He has tried so hard to hang in there and work through the pain. However, once the decision was made I think we all felt better.

We look forward to seeing him again and to finding the source of and solution to his illness. We pray that it is something that can be taken care of quickly so that he can return to the missionary service in Minnesota that he has come to love. I know that is what Josh desires and we pray that the Lord wants that for him as well.

Thank you again for your love and support. I know that Josh appreciates it so very much..,as do I! Following is his email from today.




So it looks like I will be coming home tomorrow or Wednesday. It really is so hard to think that I have to be home for a little bit. I wouldn't change this experience for anything though, I know it has really helped me grow. Besides that, I just checked my sent messages from the first day I got here within the first hour and I said I had headaches and dizziness. Hmm. so I don't know that it is MN related after all.

It will be nice just to come and get everything figured out so I can serve with full strength in 6 weeks or so. I just hope it only will take 1 transfer until I'm back out. Well, I am so grateful for you all. Thank you all for the letters and the support that you have given me. I know that we didn't plan on me having to come home and I've used just about every excuse to not get sent home, but the lord may indeed have bigger plans.

As I was pondering this morning I had the impression come to me that I should try and see Alex Tamayo, the one that Tanner Williams said he had that experience about in the temple - that he was ready for the gospel. Well, Matt and I were supposed to do that and we never really got around to it. I am going to go talk with him when I get home. I'm not saying that's the reason for me having to come home but it definitely helps and will keep me productive. I look forward to going on splits and studying with everyone back home. Tell Tyler we are going to have to go out to do missionary work a lot. That would be a lot of fun.

So we went and visited the Will's family last night. That great family who helped us with everything. I am so grateful for them. I got their info and we will keep in touch. Also, there is a less active lady in our ward who started crying when I told her I was leaving. I felt bad but I think I'm going to go have one more lesson with her early tomorrow and also a lesson with Lynch and the Kolbes tonight. It will be my opportunity to leave my final testimony with them until I come back! Hopefully when I come back it will be to Andover sometime.

It's comforting to know that I will be back. It's weird how you get attached to places that you serve like this. I can't even imagine how much more I would love my mission if I was in full health!!! I really love just talking to people now. I love that we have the knowledge that can bring so much happiness. However, it has made it that much harder when people push you away.

I love you all so much and look forward to our time together to grow closer as a family, especially on our spiritual side! It truly is amazing what the gospel can do for us in our lives. Have a great day and it looks like I will be seeing you soon.


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