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Elder Josh Terry--October 17, 2011

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Thank you to all who have been praying for Josh. The latest word from the Mission President is that after the apartment cleanup was complete he would give Josh a few days to show signs of improvement (It has been a day and a half - nothing yet. Clark's employee has a son who suffered from a mold allergy who exhibited the exact same symptoms as Josh...it took a week before he showed signs of improvement after being completely removed from the source of the mold). If he does not improve quickly he will be transferred to a new area and given a few more days to improve. At that point, if he is not on the road to recovery, President Clements plans to send him home for testing and treatment.

Please pray for a miracle. This week will be critical in determining the course that is taken. As you know, Josh has such a desire to stay and serve. We want to see him restored to health - no matter what it takes!

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How are we all doing this week?? I love to read all of your letters and emails. it is what gets me through the hard times and the trials.. So, about the mold... they mainly found the black mold on the shower curtain which was nasty. So i chucked that as soon as i could. I was shocked that people had let it get that bad in there. You would be so shocked at all of the stuff we did to that apartment..

Before i get carried away i should probably tell you that I am not feeling much better. But I am not coming home either. I am determined that I will work through this, no matter the trial. . I've heard more times this week through sacrament and other meetings as well as letters that our god is a fourth watch God. There is someone that the adversary doesn't want me to find. I know that eventually everything will be ok, so try not to worry too much on my behalf. And if they end up making me go home i will try to make it a quick recovery. This has all been a huge learning experience and though it really has been probably the biggest challenge, I wouldn't change a thing. I've grown so much from this. I've learned that you have to bear all you can and give the rest to the lord. So even if they force me to come home for a while I will never forget that.

So there is this family (the Wills) that has us over for dinner about once a week. they are such a nice family. Anyway, i told him that i may have to go home and he didn't like that at all. He gave me a lot of compliments on the work getting done here. He is so nice. Anyway he came over and inspected the apartment. I was shocked at how much he did for us. He said his main focus right now is keeping me on my mission and in Andover. So he came and had the carpet professionally cleaned, threw away all the cloth furniture, donated us his couch, bought us new mattresses, painted the entire apartment, bought us new lamps, bought us a new shower curtain and had like 10 people come over and lysol the whole place. Also, he put a dehumidifier and an air purifier in our apartment for the next little while. Now all we have to do is get that tilex stuff and finish the bathroom. but he is such an amazing person for doing that. I am so grateful. We should be good in that apartment.

So, one thing Elder Watkins said the week before last, when I was trying to get more rest, was that as long as the Lord sees that we are doing our best he will still provide us with investigators. I found that hard to believe seeing as we wouldn't be out hardly at all. But, one day as we were taking out our garbage this lady stopped us and asked what we were all about. We got talking and she told us (without us asking) to stop by sometime and talk to her about religion because she needed all the help that she could get. It really goes to show that the Lord works in mysterious ways and he is always aware of the situation of everyone. That was a real testimony builder for me that the Lord is preparing people for us as well as preparing us to find them.

It's really cool to see all the little miracles that happen each day as a missionary. I keep running into surprises as I'm reading, that talk about being patient with faith and the Lord will lighten your burden and give you success. I feel like he is talking directly to me sometimes. It really is crazy how the scriptures can talk to you when you go in with the intent to learn.

Well, thank you for all you guys do for me. I love you all so much. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be out here spreading the word of God. Thank you for everything. I always look forward to Mondays when I can hear from you. Love you! Talk to you next week.

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