Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elder Hartvigsen-- August 29, 2011

hey everyone!

wow there is just so much to talk about! today is my pday so you can expect emails

on mondays. i really like it here, i am in my own apartment with my companion elder

Judd. we are one of about 10 companionships that have they're own apartment, so we

are kinda rare. we are also an all biking area, so i am on my bike most of the day,

we bike a good 15 to 20 miles everyday. its pretty intense! its nice though cause

now i get to get in shape for once!! my left leg isnt bothered by pedaling at all

since i used my left leg to push on my skateboard, but my right leg constantly burns

as i ride my bike. my area is the shadle park area, we cover one ward, the shadle

park ward. we are in north spokane city. it reminds me alot of grandmas neighborhood

in cedar, our whole area is pretty much like that.

i really like my companion, he has been here for a year and he really helps me grow.

i was able to invite someone to be baptized last night, her name is Shalanda, she

is this big black lady who is large n' in charge. she is really looking for the

truth though, it was really neat being able to invite her to be bapitzed and the

spirit was super strong. my favorite thing is seeing the spirit work on people and

see them want to come to Christ. i have to admit that i really miss the luxury of

having a ton of food at home, cause at times the cuppords are pretty bare. i make

due though. we have alot of people on date for baptism right now, and yesterday i

even got to confirm someone a member of the church during sacrament, it was a super

neat experience. anyways i really like it out here, and i am really exctied to be

able to help real people now, we do alot of service work for people, and im really

glad that my up bringing included alot of service, because it makes it alot easier

here. there are so many good people on this earth that are craving the word of God,

its such a privelge to be out here serving the Lord, and help bring those people

what they are looking for. i love you all! thank you for the support, my address is

3315 W. Bismark #4 Spokane, WA 99205. you can send my letters and packages directly

to that address becuase i am going to be there for atleast 12 weeks. we are on this

new training program that at the end of 12 weeks i can be training new missioniaries

myself, its rigirous, but really cool. anyways, i love you all!!

-Elder Hartvigsen

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