Monday, August 29, 2011

Sister Alex Hartvigsen---Aug 29, 2011

Hi Everyone i hope that you are all having a good week. This week has been really

good. On Thursday we able to have some really good lessons with 2 investigators and

a member who is less active. On Wednesday we met with a women and taught her about

the Holy Ghost and how we can recieve personal revelation through the Spirit. We

then met with a women and her daughters and taught them about the Atonement, Faith

and Repentance. The mom has been attended church for the past several weeks and has

had a baptismal date before but she didn't feel like she knew enough. We are

planning on setting a date with her during our next meeting. On friday we were not

able to have any lessons but we were able to contact some referrals and do our

planning for the week . On Saturday we met with a women who is less active and her

daughter and taught them about how the gospel blesses families. We also met with a

recent convert and talked about charity and the atonement. On Sunday a family of

recent converts came into the Visitors center and watched Mountain of the Lord and

we taught about the importance of temples and temple ordinances.

In my gospel study this week I came across a scripture in the end of 3 Nephi 13. It

talks about how we need to focus on serving the Lord today and not become

preoccupied or distracted by the future. This really helped me bring everything into

perspective. This last week was hard because we thought that we were going to be

moving and for a time I wasn't sure how we could do it and still be obedient to our

miles limit but when I read that i was once again reminded that this is not my work

but that it is the Lord's and as I focus on what He has asked me to do today, the

things that relate to tomorrow will work themselves out. It did end up working

itself out. We got a phone call a few days later from the mission housing

coordinator who told us that he was going to move another set of sisters into where

we were going to live and that we would be staying in our apartment and some other

sisters will be moving in with us. It works out so much better especially because we

found out yesterday that our Spanish ward will be combining some classes like

primary and YM/YW with the English ward that our new roommates cover.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting in Spanish. My talk

was on missionary work and why I decided to serve a mission. I think it went pretty

well. It is my 2nd time speaking in this ward since i got here 6 months ago and I

think my Spanish has improved a lot since then. Right now I only cover part of one

spanish ward the Liahona 4th ward. Spanish missionaries around here usually cover

just one ward or even just part of one ward (my ward has 3 sets of missionaries and

covers the geographical area of 3 stakes) The work is going really well. I can't

believe that it is almost September. Time is going by so fast. I'm getting stronger

and a little faster on bikes and even the heat doesn't usually feel that bad most of

the time. Life is really good.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Love Hermana Hartvigsen

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  1. If Alex can ride bikes in a skirt, in Mesa, AZ, in August then we can do whatever is asked of complaining!! Way to go Alex!!