Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Elder Tanner Williams Aug 22, 2011

Hey family, wow I cant believe it has been another week. this week has been good but not much has happened. We had a activity on Saturday where we had the members of the ward bring there non mormon friends and we taught them the plan of salvation then went and had food.It was really good. Well we had cambios today and we lost one of our roomates but i am still staying here. The spanish is really good. The only difficultly I am having is talking in lessons but I am working hard on that. I finally broke down and bought some stuff. I bought a pillow and some peanut butter! the pillow was much needed and the peanut butter well not quite the same haha but still good.I am eating good. Haha it is said that the missionaries in the states live on Top Raman but us here in Mexico live on tortillas and cheese. We eat it almost every morning and night. I sent you some pictures so hopefully you got those.The work has been slow this week. I got sick again this morning. I have learned that in Mexico you throw up alot haha. I woke up at 1 will a bad pain in my stomach but after I threw up a couple timesIi was good and I am still good so don"t worry about that. It's wierd cause there are alot of things that could make my mission miserable like the cold showers, the early mornings the long hot days, throwing up every 2 week, but this past month has been the best of my life. I am really loving it here. i am working hard and learning to put my trust in the Lord. Well family that is about it if you are going to send me a package send it to this address
Av. Circuito CD. Deportiva No. 206
Colonia Atasta
Villahermosa, Tabasco
C.P. 8610
Thank you so much for everything family. I love you all. - Elder Williams

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