Friday, August 19, 2011

Sister Alex Hartvigsen- Mesa, Az Aug 15

Dear Family this last week has been really good. On Monday we met with a less active family and talked got to know them a little bit. We talked to them about their conversion story and then talked about how the gospel blesses families even as the world attacks them. On Tuesday we met with a women and helped her create a study plan so that she can better learn about the scriptures. Later we talked to her about how we can recognize the Spirit. When we talked to her about the light of Christ she was very excited when she realized that she had that and that she would recieve the Gift of the Holy Ghost when she is baptized. We met with a women and her daughter and taught them about the plan of Salvation. Later that week we taught about the rest of the plan of salvation and how we can do work for our family members who have passed away. She seemed really excited when we talked to her about that. She wants to continue to learn more before she decides on a baptismal date. We invited them to come to church as well and on Sunday all 3 of them were there. It was really cool. On Wednesday we had a lesson about prayer with an investigator.We them met with a less active women and talked to her about the importance of church attendence and discussed what is stopping her from coming back to church. We invited several of our ward members to come to the visitors center this week and they came.
This week we decided that we needed to ride bikes so that we could stay under our miles limit. That was definately a challenge. I am really not in shape. Oh well, The exersise will be really good for me ;)
I love you all and I hope you have a great week.
Love Hermana Hartvigsen.

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