Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Josh Terry- Aug 29, 2011

Hello family!

Looks like another week has gone by. So crazy. Dad said it best when he said that the days go slow but the weeks absolutely fly by. So, I guess I will tell you what an average day is at the MTC. Wake up at 6:15, go get in the shower and get ready for the day. Then you leave the residence to be to class at 6:55. you then have personal study from about 7 to 8:15 then you have breakfast until 8:50. then, depending on the day you will either go teach a fake investigator from the community that comes in or you will have companionship study. After that we have lunch at 1 oclock. we then have class for 3 (hours), then personal study for an hour, then dinner for half hour. then we end the day with another 3 hour class. By the time 9:30 comes around I cant wait to get back to the room and go to bed by 10:30, even though that is really our only time to really unwind. You would think that being constantly so busy would get really old after a while but I love it.

Natalie to answer your question I leave on the 6th of September, Nate's birthday! Haha looks like you will get a happy birthday phone call. :)

So, interesting story. Nate and dad, do you remember that kid on the plane ride home from Alaska? Elder Christiensen? Well, he just got to the MTC Wednesday and he is in my zone. So crazy. And what makes it more funny is that we had a branch counsel leadership meeting and the departing district couldn't come so it was just the 2 district leaders from the zone. So I walk in to the meeting and there is Elder Christiensen. Just him and I in that meeting. I never would have guessed that on our plane ride home a few weeks ago. Small world. Oh and tell Steve Eller that people are freakin out about his book. I have had everyone from my district say they want one haha. Even the branch presidency said that. Before I forget, the plaque scripture that I want is DC 68:4-6. I hope that's right, I have read so many lately :) it's the one that in verse six talks about being of good cheer.

I want to thank everyone who has been sending me letters. you have no idea how important that is out here. I love it. and it's fun because as district leader I get to go pick up the mail. It's a very exciting part of the day :) and mom, yes I am getting your dear elders. I love it. So yesterday I had an interesting experience. I was feelin a bit homesick on Sunday just because during sacrament I was thinking about you all back home and how much I love you. I had the distinct impression that at that moment someone somewhere was praying for me. I have never felt it quite so strongly. So I want to thank you all for your prayers. It really does help. especially when sometimes you start to feel alone.

My companion and I are getting along pretty well. He's a nice enough guy. However, he doesn't really like to associate with the rest of the group which is kinda annoying. and his teaching style is different than mine. We have been on some interesting tangents...,oh, and the fact that he spent 5 hours writing letters last pday. Wow.. oh well I kinda understand. I want to communicate as much as I can. So I have seen Matt (Whittle) about 6 times a day! We have all the same eating times and gym times and I see him walkin around a lot. He is so great. I love him. And I saw Corbin (Moore) 3 times yesterday! I usually don't see him so everytime I give him my goodbye in case it is my last for the next 2 years. I can't wait for the rest of the crew to get out here. The district has come a long way. It is sometimes hard to manage them because they get so roudy but I started doing 2 interviews with them a week and it has really made them be better seeing as they know I am going to be checking up on them in a few days. They are a good bunch. Some of the just need to remember why they are here and who they represent. I want to leave you with a scripture I read yesterday when I felt homesick. D&C 31:3,5. I particularly like the very last line. It was what I needed to hear. the Lord works in mysterious ways. I am so grateful for this opportunity of serving a mission. and btw, yes dad I am living out of my suitcase, figure if im only 3 weeks I dont need to unpack ;) haha but I love you all so much. my testimony has grown immensely. I hope you all stay strong in faith and know that I will be back shortly! I love you all and I hope this upcoming week is great. Well time is up, so until next week!


P.S. Dad since I've been out here I have realized how much that Alaska trip meant to me. Thank you. I love you!

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