Monday, August 22, 2011

Elder Terry - August 22, 2011

Dear Family,

Where to begin. this has already been such an amazing experience. so since i have written you last i have already grown so much spiritually. The second day we were here they already had us teaching "investigators" it has been really difficult. I thought that i knew the gospel pretty well but when you are trying to explain it to someone else who knows nothing about it, it can be kind of hard. So i had struggled with that. However, i said probably the longest prayer of my entire life just prayin that if i will use all 9 hours of study time that i would be able to teach better. the next day was so amazing. I taught this lady the whole restoration. God answers prayers. i know that i could have never done that without him.

Right now its about 630 and im in the laundry room so i thought i might as well get my email sent early. we have 12 missionaries in our district. 8 elders and 4 sisters. My companion and i and one of the sisters are going to minnesota, 3 others to jamaca (however you spell that) and the rest are going to carlsbad california. Same as Matt! except they are english speaking. I have seen Elder Whittle about 6 times a day since i have been here. since we arrived on the same day we have the same eating times and more importantly GYM time! they have a little soccer field so i am excited to get out there and play. except the ironic thing is we arent allowed to go exercise on our P-day. Oh well i have some letters to write anyways. So some new news for ya. On thursday i was made District Leader! fun stuff. It really does get so hard to keep all the missionaries in line though because they are all the type that just like to party. Soon they will realize the reason they are here. Since i have been here i have realized how important mail is. It is literally your only communication with the outside world! haha. So a big thank you to all of you who have sent me letters. means a lot. They let you pick up your letters morning and evening so you can read them at night.

The spirit here is so incredible. Its crazy to me that i have only been here for 5 days. it seems sooo much longer than that. but from what i hear after your first sunday you lose track of time. Glad to hear that. Leaving everyone i love back home was one of the hardest things ill ever have to do but im thankful to know that this is what im supposed to be doing. I cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared. i thought with all the preach my gospel and reading everyday that i would be prepared. you can never be prepared enough.

I cant wait to get out to minnesota. as far as i know my departure date is on nates birthday sept. 6! So that should be fun. wow time goes by fast while writing these emails. i better send this off while i still have time. I love you all. thank you for supporting me in this. Let me know how all your weeks have been!


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  1. As far as I can tell, there is almost nothing better for a parent than the first MTC letter. What a payday!