Friday, August 19, 2011

Elder Hartvigsen- Spokane, WA Aug 17, 2011

From: tyler.hartvigs From:


Not really! i still feel like im new here, and im leaving pretty soon! its crazy, but im not complaining, its nice here and all, but im ready to get out and teach the gospel, and get some baptisms.... hahaha im really excited to get to spokane, i leave monday if anyone was wondering. my flight is at 8:45 so ill probably be calling home really early in the morning monday just FYI, so be ready. i cant wait to talk to the family, but it probably wont be for very long. thanks for all the support everyone gives me, i really appreciate it. the mail and packages are really nice! thanks so much, i love you all. so guess what, i JUST saw elder terry!!! i ran up and gave him a big hug and made sure he feels welcome. i asked where he is staying so im gonna drop by sometime today to get some pics with him and to chat for a bit. dont worry terry family, he is good hands here! for anyone who knows the MTC (probably just alex) i am in 6m and josh is in 14m. so i had some really cool experiences this week. when the last new district came in they had alot of issues. so i stepped in to help with my companion. one had severe food posioning, and another elder was really really really homesick. i gave my first blessing to the sick elder, and then my second to the home sick elder. the next day the sick elder with the food posioning felt perfectly fine! but the home sick elder was still struggling. after some more talking, testimony bearing, and encouragement he decided to pray about staying or leaving the next night. in the morning he approached me and told me that he had a really strong impression that he needed to stay, and told me it was largely cause of my blessing and testimony. i already feel like im doing missionary work. and who says miracles dont happen!? haha it is such a blessing to be able to be an instruments in God's hands. i am learning to love this gospel soo much more everyday. i am really excited to get out and help people find the joy that i have in my life! so TJ, did you put that hammer spring in my AR? have you guys gone out and done any shooting yet? make sure you clean it if you shoot it ok? but other than that shoot it a bunch. dad, camp williams sounds really cool, i am kinda jealous you got to do all those paintball drills and such, that sounds like a blast!! let me know when you find out what happens with the deployment. mom thanks for shipping all my stuff up for me. oh so did i tell everyone about elder walker in my district? we have become really good friends out here, and he is going to spokane too! he is AMAZING at basketball, he has a full ride scholarship to UNLV when he gets home to play ball as a point guard. its so cool to see that he is giving up his time to serve the lord. anyways, im sorry that my grammar and spelling is horrible, but i have limited time, so i just hurry and type. haha i love everyone, and really look forward to hearing from you all. i love you!!!

-elder Hartvigsen

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