Monday, August 29, 2011

Elder Matthew Whittle-- Aug 29, 2011

Hola Madre! Thanks for the email. It's nice to have some communication with the outside world haha. I'm glad you're enjoying the country music haha. The language is coming great. I'm able to understand a lot of what our investigators are saying and I can communicate back fairly well. I'm glad everything is going ok back at home. I was able to see elder moore and got the watch and liscense. Thanks! Could you please send me my pearl snap shirts? I miss wearing those. I would like them for lounging shirts. I could also use some more t shirts, and another pair of soccer shorts for gym time, and my purple sweater if you can find it:) Thanks mom. I love you so much and think about you everyday. I'm so grateful for this oppurtunity to serve the lord. I love it here in the MTC. My distrito is amazing. The spirit is so strong and we're still able to have a lot of fun. I love the Temple too! We have been able to go to the Temple twice so far, and the spirit there is incredible. I read the Book of Mormon all day yesterday and I'm already almost to Alma. It's crazy how much more I'm getting from it here in the MTC. All I want to do is just sit down and read in the Book of Mormon. It's incredible. I get to play soccer with Elder Terry everyday because we have the same gym time everyday. It's awesome. la iglesia de JesuCristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadero y fue resteraro mediante la profeta Jose Smith. JesuCristo es mi salvador y ustedes. I love you! Vaya Con Dios. (That's our motto. Go With God! District 12)

Love your Elder Whittle

Hola Padre. Gracias por ustedes testimonio. Could you please send me Garretts adress? I need to write him. Thanks for getting the missionaries for cho. I just sent him a letter today reminding him that he promised me he would listen to the korean missionaries if they showed up, and also bearing my testimony of this gospel. Thanks for taking care of cherry for me. could you mail me some pictures of her. I would like some for my room. Things are going great here. I know what you mean about not being afraid to testify to anyone and everyone. I know the joy that comes from bearing testimony and the power we recieve. I have a great companion and he says to tell you hi as well and yes he does believe in the holy ghost. I was able to see elder moore but I forgot to ask him about the trip. I will ask him nextime I see him. I know this is a great work that I get to be a part of and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve my Savior with all my heart. Love you

Love Elder whittle

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