Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elder Devin Oviatte--July 2, 2012

Hi family!,
So this week was really good! It was transfer weeks so it was really busy! We got a senior couple in our area but now it is only a 2 man flat. One of the elders went home and the other got sent across the mission. Their names we're elder P. and Elder S. But the senior couple is really cool. We also got some new BYU students that came into our ward last week. They will be here for six weeks. So We had our first Baptism this week!! it was soo cool. Her name is V. It made my week. It's been raining a lot this week. We might play Football (soccer) in the rain today with the whole zone. Im looking forward to that. Umm let see what else.... We went contacting in grennwich again. I love that place. The park over see's all of london. Its really cool. Did I tell you we did the haka for president shamo? If I didnt it was really cool. Our whole zone did it in front of the London Temple. I still havnt met our new mission President. But we will probably have a zone conference soon so that he can interview all of us. I feel like there is going to be a lot of changes coming soon. It's weird being back to a 2 man flat. 4 man flats are alot of fun. But yea. I cant believe that my 2 month mark was this week. that was a shock! It doesn't feel like Iv'e been gone for that long. It is going to be Elder M.'s 1 year mark in 2 weeks. So we are going to go eat somewhere or something. I feel Like I dont have that much to say since it was transfer week. Kieren told me that collin is going to Russia!!! Thats soo cool. It will be funny to email him. 

    I get to eat a lot of different food. We have a lady it our ward that made us Jerk Chicken. SOOO good. Tell the family hi and that I miss them.
With Love
Elder Oviatt

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