Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- June 13, 2012

Whats Up!
       Well it has been another sunny week down here in California, and the work is going forward. We have had a couple of interesting experiences here this past week, with tracting and street contacting. And as always I'm just catching all the sun. So its been awhile since i've written so I'll try to get everything in this email.
       So last monday after I wrote we went down to a park to play some soccer (first time that i've played on the mission). When we arrived, no one was there, so Elder Rosales and I were just standing there waiting. While we were there though a girl about 16, her younger brother(13), and her younger sister(5), arrived at the park, all of them crying. I looked over at Elder Rosales, and we started talking to each other debating wether or not we would try to see what was wrong or to just let them be. We decided to go over and see if there was something that we could do to help them. We introduced ourselves and tried to calm them down. By this time the boy was fine, but the older girl was still crying. We found out that they were having family problems, and had gone to the park to get away from it all. We tried to explain to them that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and that we could help them. But no information came out other than their names and there ages. So we just gave them our number and told them that if they ever needed anything that they could just give us a call. We parted ways that day, but the following day Elder Rosales and I felt as though we should try and find them, even though we had no idea where they were. I told him that J. had told me that they live a couple streets down, and so we went down two streets and just started knocking on every door on that street, hoping that we would find them. We didn't have any luck that day, but continued the search two days later. We finally abandoned the search, but kept our eyes open for them. Well we were out tracting on Monday and we received a call from Elder Kuo. He told us that he had a referral for us. So I pulled out a card and starting writting down all the information that they had. He said that it was a girl probably about 14 years old, and her brother about 11, that they were catholic and that they wanted the missionaries to come by. Elder Kuo explained to them, that they lived outside of their area but that they would send over the other missionaries, which they were fine with. So we had to get going but I asked Elder Kuo one last question. "What are there names?" He said that the girl's name was Brenda, and that the boy's name was Junior. I didn't recognize the boy's name, but right when he said B.I immediately thought about the girl we had talked to a week earlier. I checked out the address and it was over in the area where we had been tracting. We stopped by the house and as we got to the front gate we saw little E. playing in the front yard. It was them! I was completely blown away that some how or another God had placed them back into our hands. It is very interesting how that all worked out, to know that they just happened to be in the other missionaries area and saw them. It is even more interesting when you put Elder Kuo's perspective on the whole situation and what happened to him. Overall I know that that God has a big part in the work that we are doing.
      Well don't have a lot of time left. Hope that Dad and Keyton had a fun trip down here to California. Everything is going good with me, just trying to take everything in. The time is beginning to go by faster, weird. Peace out have a good one.
Con Amor Elder Moore

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