Monday, July 30, 2012

Elder Corbin-- July 23, 2012

Man does time fly by way to fast. I had an interesting experience this past week. Elder Stinson and I were sitting in our apartment doing our weekly planning session. I look up and the big calendar that we have on our whiteboard and it dawned on me that August is in two weeks. Wow, my mind was just blown. I have almost been out for a year and I have no idea where all the time went. I was thinking to myself, I can still remember basically the whole week before I went into the MTC. Going out riding with Papa Whittle, and then the farewell, sitting in my room watching the Office, packing the night before with my wonderful mom, and listening to the Killers. Yet again I'm stuck here trying to contemplate the "mission time", it is unreal. Then to top it all off to think that I am going to be turning 20 this week. Crazy!!! Well I guess I will just have to live up this last year of the mission, and trying to just take everything in.
       Well this week was pretty much, "one of those weeks". Not too much going on, but just trying to stay positive, and laughing at evey chance that I get. This week I have done a lot of thinking about life in general. Although I can't share all my thoughts with you, hopefully I will be able to convey some of the ones I feel are the most important.--Gratitude--Unfortunately us as human beings, sometimes forget this word, and the application that it has in our lives. Being out here in the world and seeing everything that goes on, has really changed the way that I feel about this and how I apply it personally in my own life. Let us all remember that we are subject to a "higher power" and that when we involve gratitude in our lives, God is able to help us enjoy the things that we do have.--Patience--If we understood the full power that this virtue could have in our lives I am convinced that we would all make an effort to posess it. This virtue involves putting the will of God, before our own. When we are able to sucessfully do just this, we will begin to see miracles in our lives. If we read the Book of Mormon, we will find many stories of prophets that are able to work miracles. But in order for those things to have come to pass, these prophets had to align there will with the will of the father. In the Bible we read of our savior who did just that, and the miracles that he was able to perform. When we have enough patience to wait, and to believe that God knows better than ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for an enjoyable life. I didn't say it was going to be easy, no one every did, and yet we all decided to be here.--Charity--In the last book of the Book of Mormon, we read a lot about this subject. We read that it will be well with us in the last day, if we can only have this quality. Unfortunately enough it may not be the easiest to obtain, but we know that it is not impossible. I believe that the secret lies in trying to model our lives after that of our Savior, Jesus Christ. When we study the live of our Savior we will see that this is the driving force of the work that he did on the earth. We will also see that the greatest and most important thing, the Atonement, was also driven from the source of charity. All three of these things are very important in our lives. Especially as we consider the commandment from our Savior, to be "Perfect, even as our Father in Heaven". May we all concentrate our efforts to be more like our Savior. Then will we begin to be filled with the greatest feelings of joy, accomplishment, and self-worth.
Con amor, Elder Moore

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