Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore--June 25, 2012

       This week we had a General Authority Mission Tour. So there was a member of the Seventy, Elder Paul V. Johnson, who was here, I guess touring the mission. We also had a big meeting with half of the mission, on Thursday, from 8-3. President Baker spoke, and then Elder Johnson, talked as well. So yeah that went pretty well, and we didn't have DDM because of it. Last night I was able to go back to my first area, because Elder Rosales used to be down in the same ward, and one of his investigators was getting baptized. So I was back down there and was able to see a couple familiar faces. A lot of the members that were there, I didn't recognize. I guess the ward has changed a bunch since I've been there. 
       Today we had a Zone P-day, so we were all up by the mission office at the field playing soccer. It was super fun to be able to play it again, but I caught some sun as always. Then we went and got some grub, and then starting doing all of our stuff for the day. 
       Glad to hear that trek went well for the boys. Hopefully they learned a lot and will be able to apply those things. Got an e-mail from Brayden it was super short. He said that things were going well and that they are getting things moving. So G is getting a new house? Where? Anything else going on back home? What is the story with Josh? He said that he was going to send a letter a month ago but still haven't heard anything from him. Hope that everyone is doing well back home. I'm doing just fine down here in Los Angeles, living to dream. Bernie and Benien, what is going on? I haven't heard anything about nothing, jaja. Well I expect to get some letters about trek, and the tour, and baseball, and all of that stuff. Are you still using the weight bench? If not get on it fools. Well I've got to be going but I will be talking to you next week. 

Con Amor Elder Moore


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