Monday, July 30, 2012

Elder Devin Oviatt--July 23, 2012

  Wow this week has been so great!! So first of all we found out about the olympics and the part that we are going to be playing in it. So the Church has organized a booth that will be set up next to the London Eye, right on south bank. So starting this Friday I think, we are going to be going there in like shifts to run the booth. It will be every day from 10-7 everyday. All the missionaries in the whole zone are really excited! We will be in probably the busiest part of London next to one of the biggest tourist attractions in the UK. I really can't wait!! Their will be millions of people there everyday. It's really exciting. We might even have a I Pad so that we can be collecting emails right then and there and be able to send the email while we are talking to the people so that they recieve the email while or shortly after talking to us. I havn't really talked about the email prograhm in the Mission. So the whole mission is really trying to get emails from everyone. Member and non members. The emails are really nice. They have just little messages on them and after a while one of the emails will go through the first lesson. Than some more little messages and than it will send the second lesson and so on. But we encourage members to do it too because than on the emails the members or whoever can LIKE it on facebook and it will post it to there walls. Than there friends can see and read and start getting those emails! The old and new mission President are pushing this very much. Which I agree this program can go a really long ways. They can track who and where opens the emails and they are already seeing it spread all over the world. It really cool. But yeah so when we go to the eye we are going to be trying our best to get emails. 
   This morning we saw the Olympic torch! that was really cool. We took Book Of Mormons with us and lifted them up. HAHA it was really funny but hey we might be on TV. We're hoping that we might have permission to watch the opening ceremonies. Cross our fingers! :) Seeing the Torch was really cool though. We saw the helicopters land the torch on tower bridge! I just cant wait. There is already a huge rush of people. They are expecting a influx of like 8 million people. 
    We starting teaching a guy from Ghana this week. His name in nana Tutu, (: haha and my favorite part is one of his sons name is Lord Tutu. But he's really cool. Im excited to start teaching them more.
     But yeah so I'm really excited for this week. I miss and love you all. It's so cool to hear about which of my friends are going on mission.
  With love elder Oviatt

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