Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elder Matthew Whitttle-- July 10, 2012

Que Honda Calabezas!

I got the package you sent! Thanks so much. I really like the shirt. It's pretty sweet haha, and we're enjoying eating all the junk food:) We had a pretty good 4th of July. We were able to talk to a bunch of drunk people so that was interesting haha. It's sad because they get addicted to it so easily and then it takes over. The interesting thing is that every person we talk to that is drunk practically begs us to help them stop drinking. It's almost like satan has gotten ahold of them and they realize it and they want out, but then the next day they don't remember it, and they just keep doing the same thing. It's pretty sad.
Man the good ol willow is dying?? That's sad. I love that tree. I remember climbing in it all the time. I hope it doesn't die. Tell dad good job for not selling cherry for 3000. That would have been horrible! If you want to just wait till I get back, I can sell it:) I'm glad you're keeping her in good condition. 
Elder Moore still hasn't left his first area?? That's insane. wow. I should be transfering again here in about 4 weeks to my third area. That's a long time in one area. I bet he's ready for a change haha. That's awesome that he's district leader. I'm not surprised at all. He's a stud. I bet he's tearing it up in LA.
Everything is going well. We finally got in contact again with the lady from the park. She got another job so it's been hard to find her, but we finally found her home one evening. She answered the door and was really happy to see us. She gave us her new phone number, and asked us when we were going to come give her the discussions. She's really neat so were excited to start teaching her.
lo que envie a papa son tribu lenguas en espanol. Parangaricutirimicuaro es un lugar en mexico. Hay mucha gente mexicana que no se puede decir esas frases tampoco entonces no se preocupen si no se los pueden decir. Coman mas chile y tal vez un dia vayan a poder ;) Les quiero mucho y estoy orando para ustedes!
Con amor,
Elder Witle

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