Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- July 9, 2012

Well as you might have guess from the subject of the e-mail, I did get transfered out of LA 6th. I am now residing in Brookshire which is like to most eastern part of the mission. For anyone that wants to see it on a map the city that I am in is called Downy. It is really nice down here, it reminds me a lot of Utah, so its prett kewl. My new companion is Elder Stinson. He is from Alabama and this will be his second transfer in the mission. I am still the District Leader but with one change I now have a car. So that is nice to be able to have a car, even though we are going to still be biking. It is super weird driving a car seeming how I have had one for basically a year, haha. My zone is called Lakewood, and supposedly it is called the "promise land", not really sure why right now, but I have heard because we are like out on the outskirts, and we are like the "forgotten zone." The area seems to have potential so I'm excited to get to work. The demographic of the area is about half and half, latino and white. I don't know to much about it, because I have only been here for a couple days but more details to come.
        So last Tuesday, I had kind of figured out that I was going to be moving so we went and visited a lot of my recent converts. We took some pictures and I was able to get their information, so that I can still keep in contact with them. I was hard to leave but I think that being in a new area is just what I needed at this time in my mission. It gives me an opportunity to meet new people, and to start fresh with a new area, and companion. Elder Stinson is a kewl kat. He is a hard worker, and we get along just great. He has great spanish for being out for one transfer which is good, I'm working with him so that we can speak spanish all the time. I really want to increase my ability for it to be second nature for me. And also trying to increase my vocabulary. I started reading through the spanish dictionary for language study. It really has helped me learn more. I heard that being in the states it is harder to become fluent, because you are not immersed in it like you are in another country. But I'm working hard to learn as much as I can. Who knows maybe I will be using spanish after my mission for my career.
        Well it looks like everyone else is having a great time camping and all. I see that my guitar made its way up there too. Take of my baby please, haha. Well hope it was great for all of you. I miss crusing around on the scooter in the mountain. But hopefully I'll be able to do the same thing, on a motorcycle when I get back. (I can just hear dad's reaction right now). Congrats to my bro down in Brazil, I wish you both the best of luck, and look forward to seeing you after the mission. Looks like Keyton and Bryson are still jokers, the only thing that has changed is that they have to shave now. Hope you are getting ready for school. Well I have to go but I will be talking to you all this next week. Hope everyone has a great week. I'd love to hear from you all. Peace Out
Con amor,
Elder Moore

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