Monday, July 30, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen--July 23, 2013

Well Well anyother week has gone on by and I now have a 7 months in th mission. Time is flying on by. It is a crazy feeling. I am almost done with this transfer. I am on week five. Only this week and the next to go. I think that I will be staying in La Banda for another transfer though but I guess we will see. Also If you are sending a package I want a shoe horn. That Would be sweet haha.
So This week was kinda a slow one. The lessons weren´t as good and the people weren´t home. Also this past tuesday all of La banda was taking a bath so they didn´t have time to talk to us...or atleast that was everyone excuse. So we didn´t get as many lessons as I was hoping for but there is always next week right? Right now I am just enjoying everything that is coming my way. So sometimes days are hard but that is the chance that I get to learn more. So YAY!!
I am really starting to love Argentina. Honestly at this point it just feels normal. Basically it is become my home. It is kinda a strange feeling. I can´t really explain it, it is just something that you have to see and feel. Being in a forgien country is diffently a learning experience. Something that can only really happen in the mission. Honestly right now the challenge is the language. Yes it is now just hitting me haha. I understand pretty much everything. That isn´t a problem. The problem is talking. I have an accent that I just can´t seem to drop. So for some people it is hard for them to understand me. Freaking changos haha. But it is ok I guess. I just have to keep trying and mov forward.
These past couple of weeks I have been studying a lot th bible and about faith. Basically they both rock. The bible has everything in it and faith is faith, so it is great. Faith is totally something that I could improve on. I like to be logically with stuff and hav straight forward answers. But I think God is training me to see different ways. It is kinda working haha. I read a lot about faith from a book by James Talmage. Basically he is a stud. He explain faith as so much more of just believing. Believing isn´t enough. Me got to have are works and have them be good works that shine the light of are savior into the lifes of others so that we can glorifly are heaven father. Just believing is doing exactly what The Followers of Satan do. For they believe in christ and even know him with a perfect knowledge. If you dont believe me go read when christ cast out "legend." Now you might ask why faith? Well because basically this whole mission is about faith. We have faith that be will except are message and keep going. we have faith that we wont die from the crazy food and water haha. We really do walk by faith and trust. 
Also love. Love is pretty important. We have to love each other and forgive each other. I think that is something that we miss sometimes. If we could all just be a little bit more loving and forgiving i think that world would be a whol different place. Yes love and forgiveness go together in my mind. You can´t love some one not forgive them. That is stupid and totally doesn´t make sense. We all just need to be a little bit more forgiving and caring. Really forgiving someone is not that hard. You just do it and move on haha. We all aren´t perfect and you are going to need forgiveness in you life to at sometime so how are you not to forgive??? That is my question for the week haha.
Side not the record for people on one moto here is now  5 or six. Argentina is really stepping it up. Oh and of course scott and drive the tracker. he will take care of it. I know that haha. Till him to jack it up and make it all sweet for me haha.
So it is true, I am changing a little bit. I can totally feel gods hand shaping me into what I need to be. Honestly I feel like I have a long ways to go until I am finished though. My testimony is growing,.So that is a plus right? I am still a Little afraid to lose myself in the work but I am already doing it haha. If I like it or not I am doing it. It is a good cause to be lost in. I am really enjoying it. It is like a endless bit of knowledge and goodness and I just can´t seem to get enough information. It is pretty great.
Anyways I have to go for this week! Take care and I love you! Try to have fun when I am gone but not to much. JEEZ, You´d think 2 babies and a wedding could of waited till after my mission haha.
Anyways take care and I look forward to next week! LOVES
Elder Allen

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