Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore- June 18, 2012

Well another week has come and gone, and I'm still in California in
the hot summer weather. July 4th is rapidly approaching, which I can't
even believe, but that means that it is time for fireworks and
parties. I miss being in all of the holiday atmosphere, but its all
good I'm in the LA hood atmosphere. Finally went and bought myself a
LA, 59-fifty hat. So now I look like I am from LA. There isn't really
that much to say it has only been 4 day since the last time that I
wrote. We have just been doing the regular stuff, going to DDM, giving
training, weekly planning, and coordination. We don't have any cool
stories like we did last week. Elder Rosales had his birthday on
Thursday, so I worked with the investigators we were eating with that
night, to secretly get him a cake, and all that stuff. I think he
enjoyed it so that was what counted.
      Well I'm glad to hear that the boys are going on Trek. It was
super fun when I went, and is a great place to grow spiritually, and
physically, because you going to be pulling a cart all day. But just
enjoy it and learn as much as you can. Im glad you got the index
cards. I still have paper but it was just easier because I already had
them there. Hopefully you all are learning spanish so that we can
"placticar" when I get home. It is a useful language to know. Well I'm
going to split now, hope everything is going well for you all and I
will talk you in a week. Peace Out.

Con Amor Elder Moore


P.S.-here is some spanish for you.

Si usted tuvo, un chance, o una oportunidad, para tener todas las
cosas que quiere, en un momento, lo tomaria, o lo dejaria.  (keyton
I'm sure you will like this one)

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