Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- July 2, 2012

Well first thing first is that I am getting your emails. So don´t worry about that. It is ok and everything is under control. Second is that I would like the email address of Momma whittle and josh if that is at all possible. Just tell them to email me or something. I hope everything with all of these babies work out...What is with everyone having babies now... You all need to calm down haha. Also I can´t wait to meet all of these new people in my family. 

Anyways into the week. Having a new company is always an interesting experience. This is my fourth companion now and the first week is always any adventure. The truth is that you never really now what you are going to get. This time I got a Latino that knows absolutly no english and that makes things pretty dang interesting. Lets just say that I have used the word "freaking" a lot this week. Lucky my companion understands that word haha. His name is Elder G. and he is a stud. I can talk to him just fine so that is a plus. My spanish isn´t perfect but he understands me. He is a great teacher also. He is a little intense but that is ok. Sometimes I think that we are attacking the investagotors with the truth and that is something that I am not use to at all. haha. I am very relaxed so I think that he can teach me a lot. It will be an adventure. I can wait to see what happens. I think that we will have some success and that is all that you can ask for. he is a good kid and a good help. I will learn from him. I am just going to remember to search for my joy and have a good time. That is all that you can do.

So that whole thing with Josh is crazy...I had no idea that any of that was happening....I wish I could be there to help but the lord has me in different places right now. I know though with out a doubt in my mind that the lord is guiding Josh and that there is a purpose in this. He should not lose faith but keep strong. This those not mean that he should go for a mission but rather he should go for an increase in trust in the lord and a willingness to except the plan that he has for him. This is one of my biggest problems...I want a reason for everything and to know why everything is happening and if I am in the right spot or doing the right thing and blah blah blah. But thanks to a very intelegent mother I have seen that sometimes we need to walk be faith. To trust the lord and to do his will. The famous words of Jesus Christ, "Thy will be done". The savior ask for the cup to be pasted from him. It wasn´t easy and he didn´t want to do it but he excepted the will of the father and drank of the cup. I believe that sometimes we all have to drink from this same cup. Now some would ask, "But how can a mission not be the will of the Lord. I would be doing his work?" To this I would look to the scriptures. For are thoughts are not his thoughts. He can not see the plan of the father fully at times. We have to deal with not knowing. At times we have to walk into the unknown. Right he isn´t doing a mission right now but i know with out a doubt in my mind that he can still do great things and I know that he is. He can still find his joy! We can all find are joy. Remember what Joseph B. Wirthlin said in his final talk, " Come what may, and love it." Try to find the blessng. I know Josh is strong and if he serves a mission or no I will not think different of him. He is a capo and basically rocks! I love him. I feel for him and am praying for him! If he has faith he can do all things but dont try to change the will of God.. That could come back to haunt you haha. 

Sorry about that...I got all crazy there..hope it isn´t a bad thing to say..I dont really know the situation...I dont hear anything about any of my friends haha. Anyways this week has been pretty dang good. Nothing to crazy has happened this week. I sorry..My comp is super intense when he teaches. It is crazy...He kinda has scared some of my converts away but that is ok.. I will just talk to them and get them to understand. He likes to kinda attack people with the truth and I like to just kinda get them to realize the truth. So that is interesting. But really all is good. Also today I got to go to central of tucuman. It was pretty dang good. I got to actually see amazing things and stuff. Basically it was a party. A good change of pace. I am always trying to be better and teaching in spanish is freaking hard....Like really hard haha. Talking is easy but teaching is hard. I will learn I guess. With tine all things come right?

I can´t believe all of the changes that are happening at home. I can´t wait to go see it all again... It will be crazy to see all of the new things and sights and people. I am going to be a stranger when I get home...That will be fun. I hope that you guys miss me haha.

I guess it is time to end this week. I love you all and miss you guys a ton. The mission is good it just feels like I have forever to go, Hopefully things will get better in that aspect. Honest I like it here. It is different and all. It is like an adventure everyday. Anyways take care and God Bless. The church is true and the lord has my back so aspect. Honest I like it here. It is different and all. It is like an adventure everyday. Anyways take care and God Bless. The church is true and the lord has my back so everything is good. I love you all and wish you the very best! Take care of yourself and all of that great stuff.

Elder Allen
P.s. The photos are of me and my comp with family zamorano. That is me Llama sweater. I hope you enjoy haha. Take care.


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