Monday, July 30, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- July 30, 2012

Whats up!! Well this week was a good one. We were able to go to the visitors' center with a couple of our investigators, A. and her daughters K., and K. It was a super great experience for them and they really enjoyed it. They were super excited to learn a little bit more about the temple, and the role that it plays in our beliefs. The sisters taught about families and tied that in to the temple and how the temple blesses families. The following day we went over to follow up on it and were able to talk with them about a phamplet that we got for them at the VC about temples. They loved it and said that they just want to keep learning more. They both showed up that the church as well. It was nice for them because it was 5th sunday which means that the missionaries were in charge of the sacrament. I didn't speak, but I did get a chance to sing with the other elders. Overall it was a good sunday and church for them. Then after church there was a baptism, so we invited them to go with us. They came and then returned to the church later that night for a fireside that they were having. They are the only investigators that we are working with right now but we are on the search for more.
       Im still working on the spanish, it is going really well. I am at the point were I can just speak in spanish and I am fine. I am trying to help Elder Stinson learn it a little quicker so he enjoys the spanish that I throw his way. Elder Stinson and I are doing great together we never have problems, which makes the work easier. The only time that we do have problems is when we get locked out of our apartment. Hahah. Which happened for the first time today. Well we were leaving our apartment to walk down the stairs to the laundry room that we have here in the complex. We shut to door behind us and when we returned we found out that the door was locked. So we tried to play with it for a little, because we didn't have a phone to call the managers. We couldn't do anything so I knocked on our next-door neighboor's door and asked her if she had the manager's number and a phone that we could use. So I called them but there was no one there, I left a message and then we started scoping out to window of the apartment to see if we had left any of them open. None of them we opened except the bathroom one. So we found a ladder and made it work for us. We finally got back into our apartment, it was pretty funny. I am sending some video feed of it.
       Well that is basically what happened this week, not to mention that I had my birthday which was just a regular day here in the mission. I still feel like I am 17 and enjoying life. So we will keep it that way. Well I haven't heard too much about what is going on back home. Just that Bernie is starting football, and that Keyton went to priest camp. Still haven't heard too much from Brayden. or Josh? Hopefully eveything is going well with everyone and I would love to hear from you all. and pics. Well got to go and do some missionary work. Hope eveyone is watching the Olympics I know I would be. Peace out
Con Amor
Elder Moore

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