Monday, July 16, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- July 16, 2012

Greetings to all from the area of Brookshire. With the temperatures on the rise and the parties also on the rise, it will be putting an extra challenge on the work here. But who ever said I wasn't ready for a good challenge. This week has been an interesting one for us. Everything that we planned this week, and all of the set appointments that we had all fell through. Although it was a difficult week we are not going to let it get to us. We know that the Lord works in different ways, and it is a great time so strengthen ourselves and especially on our weaknesses. We will be re-concentrating our efforts one a lot of tracting this week. And with hard work and a good attitude we know that the Lord will bless us with some new investigator, who have been prepared to hear the Gospel. We have been trying to get to know the members a little bit more, and even had the opportunity to sit down with the bishop to discuss the ward with him and some of the things we could help him with. Other than that we don't have to many stories for this week, hopefully with all the tracting that we will be doing this week, I can return this coming week with some interesting stories for you all.
         Alright to answer some of the questions about my companion, Elder Stinson. Like I told you last week he is from Alabama. I believe if I am not mistaken his parents are converts to the church. Both his parents are from Panama. His mom was born and raised there, and his dad is white, and was just raised there. Although his parents know spanish, he does not, and didn't take any in high school. He has one older sister, 3 older brothers, and two younger sisters. Two of his brothers served missions, one in riverside and I don't remember the other one. Somewhere spanish speaking. He is into motorcycles, and hunting. Like to talk about music, likes all the old stuff that I like, thank goodness.
         Sound like everyone is having fun with the July festivities. I wish I could be there for them, one of my favorite times of the year, but I be there in two years. Sounds like Bernie is getting ready for football season, hopefully he will find some of my hints useful. Well I don't have too much time left but hopefully this week with be a great one you all. Whats up with Josh, still haven't heard anything from that fool. Glad to hear that Elder Whittle is doing well. Glad he is a DL, he is a great leader. Tanner????. Peace out
Con Amor
Elder Moore

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