Monday, July 30, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- July 24, 2012

I haven't met a Natalie T. yet, but I'll keep an eye out for her. It's possible I could get transferred to the dirty dito, (Escondido). I've been here now for 6 months so it's about time, but you never know. Some times President decides otherwise. Some elders have had 9 month areas in our mission, but that doesn't happen too often.
That's a lot of money just to get rid of some bats, but at least it's not 10,000 dollars haha. I did get the sd card back and everything. Thanks:) The package was missing a little something though;) What happened to the CD with those good songs?:) haha That's good that the good ol willow is going to survive after all. Tell Braxton good job on praying. Now he has a testimony of prayer! Sweet!
So I say that Cherry shouldn't be sold for any less than 7,000. You know you can always just wait for me to get back to sell it:) I'm glad she's still alive and everything. That's good news. How's the smoto doin? Oh y para que sepa Papa, La palabra desenrrabadilladito quiere decir como el parte blanco de un pedaso de pan. So you have the crust and the white part. The white part is el desenrrabadilladito, y el delfin quiere decir dolphin pero tambien del fin quiere decir the end.
Tell Grandma Whittle Happy Birthday for me and that I love her and miss her! Hopefully I'll see her soon. Our Temple day is scheduled for August so Hopefully I don't get transfered up North cause then I'll have to go to the Newport Temple. I love going down to the Temple knowing that she's there, and that I'll probably get to see her. I think she should move up to Utah too, but not until I'm done with my mission:) haha
So I have a solution for Josh. He can just move out here to Del Mar, and Go to the Torrey Pines Singles ward, That's the ward we work with, and then he can be a ward missionary and just come out and work with us everyday! Perfect plan Eh?:) He would love the singles ward out here. It's super cool. It's not anything like the single's wards back home. Tell him I miss him, and I'm praying for him, and if he does head off to college and continue his life, he better not get married or anything because we still have to party! haha, and he better be ready for me to move into his appartment in a year. He's such a good guy. I miss him a lot.
Well the work is going great. We set a couple more baptismal dates this week, and had 5 investigators at church. It's really starting to catch on fire down here. We're loving it. Things have been going great. I love seeing all the cool miracles everyday, and being able to see people making changes in their lives to come unto christ and follow him. I love you all. "Be strong and be true." Cuidense mucho. Adios.
Con amor,
Elder Witle!
P.S. As far as the "Hump day" package goes, music is always nice:) and Jerky:) and fam pics:) Thanks!

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