Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- June 26, 2012

Que Paso!
Looks like Elder Simmons and I are staying here in Del Mar. I think this will be my last transfer here, but who knows. I really like it down here. The weather is perfect. Still about 72 degrees:)
I saw Elder Barlow this weekend. He came down for C's Baptism. It was awesome. C has such a strong testimony. I love that guy. He was ordained a priest, and called as a ward missionary to come out with us, and help us. We're super excited! After he was baptized he shared his testimony, and the spirit was really strong. You'll have to all meet him one day. It's amazing to see the light that comes into a persons life as they accept the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Things have been going great down here in Del Mar. We've been teaching a ton, and have some baptisms coming up that were really excited for! I love missionary work! It's amazing to see the affect the gospel has on people.
Sounds like you all had a pretty good vacation other than everyone getting sick and trying to endure the burning hot weather;) haha should have headed down to Cali. You don't even need air conditioning down here. It's awesome! That's a bummer that everyone got sick. I hope you all get better soon!
I will definitely try to send those pictures today. When you get the memory card you can't loose it ok? haha That would be really sad. Sorry I haven't been able to send them yet. And yes I'm staying healthy;) haha Running every morning does help counter balance all the tortillas we get to eat every day haha.
Wellp love ya all. Hope everyone get's better! Hagan Lo Justo!
con amor,
Elder Witle

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