Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- June 18, 2012

Dear family
So I didn´t get a email from you this week but that is ok. I will just tell you what has been going on. Also if everyone could try to email me sunday and not monday because there is a 3 hour time difference and I might ne emaling at like 11 or 12 here and that means that I wont get any of your emails that day because you will all still be gettin up and all of that jazz so yea.
Anyways this week was a great week. I have learned some sweet piano and done some great work and baptized a family!!! So yea!!! the Family that we baptised is amazing. We have been working with them for a while and we love them so much. We have gone from all of the ups and downs with them and they are very special to me. I know that I will always have a place here in Argentina to stay if I want to haha. The mother basically adopted me and Elder Gillis in to the family. The love us and I love them. There are so many people that I have grown close to here in La Banda. It is crazy to see how fast you can grow a true love for a person when you are trying to help them grow closer to Christ. It is something pretty cool. So it was amazing to help this family get to where they are now. The only sad part is that the father still isn´t really listening to us...But with time that could change! All I know is that family Z. is a very special to me and that I hope that they will continue forward. Also this week we have been teaching a man that basically has a problem with everything but he has a desire to change so YAY!!! that is a good thing and i think that he will make it.
This week has been full of a bunch of ups and downs. I have had some crazy things happen and basically have been all of the place. We will be getting to more elders this week and that should be a blast...not....I is going to be pretty interesting. I will let you know how that goes haha. So that is so great stuff this week. From my comp getting attack almost by a huge dog to crying because of lost haha but the great thing is that there is always a up side. Always a chance to raise from the dust. the shack off the chains that bind us and to rise from the dust!!
Lately I have been thinking about chances....Because I am here to give people the chance to except the gospel...That hit me really strong this week when I ended up contacting a drunk guy on that street. He stopped us and tried to fight us and to argue. i tried to help him and get his address so we could talk to him while he is sober but it ended with him hitting me and cussing at me as i walked away...I got a strong impression in that moment that that was or could be his chance in this life to recieve the gospel or at least take a step closer to the Savior. Sadly he was under the influence of alcohol and missed it. It made me think of the power that satan has over us through distractions. He so easily guides us away by things that take away are "chances" to grow closer to christ. Something like alcohol or anyother distaction or sin puts a hold to are progression. I want to encourage everyone to look for the great "chances" that come from are Heavenly Father and to take advantage of those chances when they come. I think that we should all try to control and crazy parts of life and pay attention to the things that really matter. Are Family and are friends. The moments and time that we give to are Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The beautiful day or the feel of the wind on are face. Things that can give us peace in are times of need. For I know that peace is one of the greatest gifts the lord can give us. I hope that we can all look for those "chances" and enjoy the little things in life. I hope that all of you had a great fathers day also. Being a father is a blessing and a scared responsability to have. It is a truely special gift given to us from are heavenly father and it comes with great responsibilities. But with that there are countless blessings. I am so greatful for the father that I had in my life. For is love and support that I get to feel from him in this life and in the life after. I know that I can be with my father again. I know that I will see him again. I am so greatful for that knowledge that I have. I encourage all of you that still can talk to your fathers to share with them how much you care for them even if right now you feel like they don´t. If you are like me and have lost your father I encourage you to go to there grave and tell them all the same.For we know that the viel is thin and I know that they care hear you. If you have problems with your father try to fix them. Forgive him and yourself and move on. If you have never had a father forgive him anyways and be thankful for the amazing father figures you have had in your life. I have been blessing with many role models and I am very greatfful for them. I  love you all and wish the very best for you! Thank you for making me your son and teaching me by your examples! (My brothers,papa whittle, Shawn theblod, papa moore, papa furgeson, joe christensen, papa christenson, craig nybo, daniel handerson brother kent, Bishop Layton, Brother brimhall(A:K:A: mister service), and so much more. Sorry if your name isn´t here cause i ran out of time haha)I know that fathers love there childern. For God loves all of his Children. I am greatful that my Heavenly Father gave me the amazing "chance" to come to this earth and to learn and grow from my trials and joys. Thank you again for all of the amazing fathers out there!! My the lord bless and take care of you always! I love you all every much and hope that you can all slow down and pay attention to the beautiful things and the amazing chances from god in life! You are all in my thoughts and prayers! TE AMO!!!!

Elder Garrett Steven Allen

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