Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- May 12, 2012

Hey sounds like a lot of crazy stuff has been going on back home. That's so sad about Mark's mom! Man I can't even imagine.... I hope he's doing ok. Please keep Mark in your prayers. Wow. So that was a really cool what happened with dad, and Matthew. Tell dad good job for following the spirit. That's so great. Matthew is going to be forever grateful for that talk and the time he was able to spend with dad, and now he's going to be able to help change others lives. That's amazing! It's amazing how the Lord puts people in our paths, and then gives us the words that that person needs to hear so that they can make the change. Really cool miracle. Oh man the single's ward is on fire! It's so much fun! Things are going great. We've had a lot of cool miracles, and the work is going crazy here! We've also been able to find a couple new people for the Spanish Branch so that's going really good as well. This transfer has gone by way to fast! We only have one more week and then it's transfers again. Pretty intense how fast time is going by. What in the world is Cho doing driving a 106,000 dollar car around K-town? haha Tell him I want to race him in Cherry when I get back;) haha I love that guy so much! He's such a stud. Tell him I'm still waiting for my letter from him with a picture of this ridiculous car haha. It's amazing how similar C. is to Cho, (the korean were teaching) He's awesome. I swear he's a twin to Cho. Super cool. And tell Josh that I'm excited to be his companion in August and that I'll be waiting for him at the Church:) Man Brandonian really has to get a surgery? That's a bummer. I feel his pain. I hope everything turns out ok. That's crazy that he has it too. It's not the funnest thing in the world haha. I can't believe how fast I healed from it. That was a real blessing from God. He just needed me to stay home a little bit longer. I'll try and get the pictures off to you today haha. Sorry you know how horrible I am at that stuff haha. Me and my companion have actually set a weekly goal that we have to take a picture a day and if we don't then we have to set the alarm for 3 in the morning haha. So I'll try and work on that:) Ya that sounds like it's the song. It's a good song eh? I like it a lot! That would be sweet to get some new music:) haha that's like the best thing to get. Tell Brando and Laurie hola and that I love them. I guess you could tell Bridge/Jeffy, Megs/Jordan the same thing too if you want;) haha Well hope you all have a great week! Love you all! k bye:) Con Amor, Elder Whittle

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