Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Elder Devin Oviatt--June 25, 2012

Any how's yea Im really good. One of the Elders in my Flat left yesterday and that was kinda sad. We met his parents at church and that was really weird. But sunday was really busy. We had 5 Investigators there and it was busy. OH yea and we got cursed by some old lady as we walked past her. that was Interesting. Right now we are in a Tri with elder stewart but he'll get his new companion on wednesday. Wow my first Transfer is done..... that went by sooo Quick! Hows your summer going? I bet It's a lot sunnier than mine! We get our new Mission President this week I believe. There is already some new changes., Im really looking forward to training though. I hope it comes soon. We have our geneology on a tee shirt and I'm the 9th generation of missionaries. That's really cool. Apparently ours is one of the longest ones that's written down. We went through the London Temple on Wednesday. That is really cool. Man this was a really busy week. We did service for a single lady in the ward. We painted 3 three rooms. I found out how much I hate Oil base paints! It is sooo hard to clean.
   There is a ward talent show coming up and we might do something for it. Oh yea so after the Temple. which was with about half the Mission so proably about 20-30 companionships. Our whole Zone did the HAKA! OH MY! it was sooo cool. :) It went really good. It was weird doing it on the Temple grounds but hey President shamo was right there the whole time so its probably fine. We went street contacting in Greenwich , the four of us. It was a Lot of fun. We got a White Board and put the ?, Where do I go when I die? It was where a lot of tourist walk by. We talked to sooo many people. It helped to raise my confidence talking with people by my self or with a companion. Right when we started we had a group of about 15 people walk up to us. But they we're all mormon. haha After they left the real work started. I want to do it again while the Olympics are going on.
   Yea it was a really busy week. Im looking forward to a normal day soon. We havn't had one in probably 5 days. Well that's all for now.
Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.
With Love Elder Oviatt

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