Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- October 1, 2012

Tudo Bom?  (portugese)

hello Family!

Yes, mom i've been getting your letters/packages/e-mail's so thanks! (if your going to write me try to send it/ expect i won't get it till about 5/6 work days later. is my guess as to when i recieve things. I can send them a lil quicker than i can recieve them. so try to keep that in mind. yeah all should be worked out w/ mail now. haha i love the picture frame/ pictures thanks so much.

You can google the name tapes thing, to find the cheapest ones. but i just got mine from OPS Gear (in north Salt lake) you shouldn't pay more than 9, 10 bucks for 3 of them.

AHH the Swasey's. they are so great, and yes sam her son is very much like I was. Good kid, just trying to decide who/ what he wants to be/do.
funny thing about the Swaseys' is sister swasey is 1/2 japanese. so kind of asian looking, and her licence plate says "SWASIAN" i'll get a picture of it. i love it hahaha

I'm glad I can help ya'll, even from out here! you know you can e-mail me pictures and i can see them and say woo hoo, i'm happy :)

just a thought.

haha the 2nd councelor to the bishop here, is a biiig time foot ball fan, so we talk a little sports when we go on exchanges w/ him and stuff so i hear a little about the packers and the fact that they got ROBBED by the Ref's. MY CONDOLENCES. hahaha is zach gunna grow his hair to match matthews?
  **speaking of sports** dad look up KITE, as a basketball player/coach. i can't remember his 1st name but the dude is rich/tall and i think i heard someting about the celtics and him. so see what you can find out hahaha. maybs i'm wrong. who knows haha

I'm way excited for Conf. it's a few hours later here so like 12 and 4 but we will probs have as many investigators come as possible and it'll be great. it's sad but i'm realizing that i havn't watched like the last almost 2 years of conferance! why? i allllllways happen to be at the farm! it's crazy hahah

ooooooooh look up "love her Mother" mormon messages. i was watching it like "la lala coo coo, then i was like i know her...somehow....then i know her...then i know him... Wait!" you probs already knew about it but i thought it was cool haha try to watch lots of those, i love them! post them to F book, and i promise it'll brighten someone's day.

ELder costa is a wookie. like from starwars. that was for you abby. the dude is seriously soo hairy. it's hilarious because he's only 18 till november!!!! (4th) if you were wondering i think. oooh and abby do you remember T&F? tar and feather haha i thought of that the other day and laughed hard. haha

 can someone hook me up w/ Jesus the Christ?/ the works or whatever they call it. except i have true to the faith. (got it at the MTC)

I was thinking the other day and i realiezed. NOBODY should make ANY major decision in life w/out holding(or being able to hold) a temple reccomend. just don't. fun fact haha

another fun fact: the eye of a needle? anyone know the story i know Grandpa does, it didn't actually mean the eye of a "needle" it meant the small like (4ft) door that you had to bow to get through that lead into a city. so a camel getting through that is not exactly easy.

i saw ice cube at the library the other week.(not really, but prob's his twin)

ya'll (especiallly karl/john/ty) would be super jealous of the rain storms we get here they are so sick. plus it's the lightning capital of the world. apparently!
it's cool! oh and you 3 should look up D&C 33:10. i thought of you all when i read it. "GOD WILLS IT"

last week during Black GG's baptismal interview it was funny i was sitting just outside her house (concrete 2 room little house/apt./thing.) while the interview was going on i realized that to my left like 15 feet away there were all these ppl drinkin partying blah blah blah at like 4 in the afternoon on like thursday. that is why there are so many poor people. they wont work. it's not so much as they are downtrodden. it's that. but the funny part of that was that they were doing that whilst black GG was working on starting fresh. i loved the opposites haha.

mom my fave scriptues are 2NE10:23 & 3NE 15:9. i think it seems like they always change hahaha

ooh i glanced at a magazine at walgreens the other day and saw macaulay caulkin died? what the heck?

elder costa doesn't know what ppl of wal mart is. so send me some funny ones (appropriate of course) and we'd love the laugh.

but on Saturday Black GG was Baptised, it was a fairly small crowd maybe  15 ppl, but it was really good. she was crying before she was "dipped" she started saying that all on her own. i'm serious. GG's TWIN! so funny in every way. she calls crying "leaky face" it's just great. but she was very happy, and it was all good. then on sunday i was able to confirm her. which was really cool!!

but now since we baptised 4 of our 8-10 investigators it's all about finding/contacting/ getting referrals from members to start working some others. we're excited though.

I love you all,

ANZIANO Ferguson

(axe kiera/marc what language it is and why i chose that'n.)

Street sign pictures: RUSH HOUR, I always passed lee street. thought it was funny, then one day i saw carter and went "ELDER STOP. I'M TAKING A PICTURE" haha that was for BRONTE/KARL/Ty/JOHN kelly!

and i found that dinosaur thing somewhere in the cabinets and at my triple decker like that thinking of dad/ and eli haha

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