Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elder Matthew Whittle-- October 10, 2012

Oh man!
Conference was soooo good! I loved it! We ended up missing the sunday morning session because we had to go up to Camp Pendleton to teach the recruits, but the Tapia's recorded conference for us so we're going to go over when we get a chance during a less productive time of the day. We'll see when that happens haha;) It was such a great conference. I can't believe that the age requirements are now changed. Super Awesome! I would have loved to just get straight out on my mission right after high school, but that wasn't what was supposed to happen with me. I was definitely held back for many reasons. I can see that now.
Man we had one of the coolest miracles I've ever seen. So on Friday night we were going to go visit a less active, but we had the impression that we needed to go somewhere else first. So we decided we were going to go to a potential investigator who had told us that she was usually home Friday nights. So we went and stopped by but she wasn't home. Well we felt like there was a reason we were there so we started to walk around the apartment complex, and as we came around the corner we saw a little ways away a group of 4 black guys standing around their car. So we hurried over to them and started to talk to them.
They were super nice, and they were all Marines. So as we were talking to them one of them asked, "So what's the word for the night." So we said, "Well have you all ever heard of the Book of Mormon?" A couple of them had heard of it. So we explained how it was lost scripture that was found around 1820 by someone named Joseph Smith who had been called by God to be a prophet, just like Moses and how the Book of Mormon is what helps restore us to the truth. After that, one of them asked, "Ok so how did God call another prophet?" Hhe was kind've being disbelieving) That was the key question. So we started by explaining how Christ set up his church, and how he called apostles and gave them authority to baptize and teach true doctrines. We then went into the Great Apostasy.
They were really getting into it as we explained it. Well we got to the story of Joseph Smith and we slowed down a little bit. We explained the background and what was happening to Joseph Smith at the time. Then we shared the experience of the first vision in Joseph Smith's own words. Everyone got quiet and the spirit came in and testified that it was all true. They all believed it was true and were blown away by the experience that Joseph Smith had. Then we continued to explain how the Book of Mormon was written here in the Americas by prophets, and how it started with a family that left Jerusalem. We explained how it contained the fulness of the gospel and how there are 12 apostles and a prophet today on the earth. O ya and after all of this a member of the church pulled into the parking lot with his family. The dad came over and started talking to one of the guys, B., and testified of the restoration of the gospel. B. really liked it and they ended up exchanging phone numbers so that they could keep in contact and talk more.
Well to make a long story short, they all asked us if they could have a Book of Mormon, and if we could come by and tell them more. It was AWESOME! Then we stopped by on Saturday night. They were all there. We talked about General Conference. B, the one that was super interested, had already read in Moroni 10:3-5 and had already prayed and said he felt good about it. Then we showed them a Mormon message on, and invited them to General Conference. Bidney came on Sunday and loved it. He sat down with us, pulled out his notebook, and began to write down all these notes from what the prophet and apostles were saying. It was incredible.
We had a member there as well for fellowshipping who invited him over to dinner at his house right after. So we all went over to the members house and ate dinner together. Bidney lives right in the same complex as the members, and said he really wants to be baptized. So ya that was a pretty cool miracle I would say:) The Restoration is true!! Boo Ya!
Well considering that miracle took up all my time to write. I kind've have to get going, but I love you all! Thanks for having such strong testimonies of the Gospel. Keep praying for missionary opportunities, and looking for them.
Con Amor,
Elder Whittle

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