Monday, October 15, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- October 15, 2012

Note:  Our Bishop knew Elder Zwick was doing a mission tour in Orlando and told him TJ was there and to say "hi" to him. 
Today we were informed of transfers. and Elder Costa is leaving! mid training! Yeah it's nuts. His great training skills are really needed in Cocoa Beach and now I'm the "native" in olympia! So it's super crazy here and I don't even know where to start haha. This last week we didn't get much teaching/in cause of meetings and such this week. So it's crazy the mission conf was super great. It really added to my favorite talk from General Conf. By Elder Holland.  We talked about how that applied to needing a good foundation, (a lot) and continually increasing our spirituality. Again i'm out of time. So friday night we're sitting in our apt. at about 9:45 at night and we get a Phone call from Pres. Hall, (he wouldn't call for transfers/training/ responsibilities.) so I literally thought someone died back home, Elder costa talked to them for a minute, then hands me the phone saying: "Elder Zwick": so I'm all "hello?," and he told me he want's to meet with me tomorrow? I'm like surree?? and he says cause your bishop really loves you and he said I should talk w/ you. So we biked over to the temple and had a nice 15-min meeting, then the temple presiden't took this picture of us! It was a suuuuuuuper awesome experience. But I'm glad eli is doing so well potty training, and you all are too haha Let me know whats going on still.

LOVE ya. look to the mail. :)

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