Monday, October 22, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore- October 24, 2012

Well to start off I would just like to apologize, for not sending a e-mail last week. We had to go to Pep boys to drop our car off, and it was crazy. We didn't end up getting it back till like 7 30 that night. Well this week has been a crazy one. Elder Hardman and I have been going on exchanges with the elders in our zone. Also we had singing practices, for a choir piece that we sang last night up at the Visitor's Center. I was able to go on exchanges on Friday, and we went to their ward Trunk-or-Treat, it reminded me of the trunk-or-treats down in Bountiful. This weekend with be the Trunk-or-Treat for the San Pedro ward, should be good. So Friday night Elder Hardman got sick, with the 24 hour flu, we think, and then I got it Sunday morning. It wasn't the funniest weekend that I have had here in the mission. But like I said, we did sing up at the visitor's center, seven of the elders from my zone. It went really well, we all sounded great.
Not much is happening with the work right now. We have found a couple of new people but its to early to tell wether or not they are really interested. But one of the things that I have seen these past weeks, is the topic family. I have been working with a lot of people that are struggling in their lives because they have screwed up all of their family relationships. And so because of that I have been pondering on those concerns and problems. I have come to the conclusion that all the problems in the family stem from pridefulness. Someone who will not forgive another, because of something that was said or done years prior. Someone who puts their own selfish wants first. If we fully comprehend the family, and the role that it plays in God's plan for us, I believe that a lot of these "problems" would be eliminated. Let us continue with our lives, by getting over the things of the past, and prepare for the future.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

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