Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Garrett Allen-- October 8, 2012

Dear Mom,
Obvilously the whole coming home at christmas is refering to the next year hahaha. Yea my comp is killing me but if I make it to one year there really isn´t a point in goin home haha. Anyways I am sorry about the whole computer going crazy. Dont worry about it to much. It is ok if everyone forgets about me haha. That is kinda how I feel right now. It is weird to be on the other side of the world...But all is good. All of my friends are busy and all of the rest are living life haha. Also about the pin, that is cool just let me know and the packages I still dont know. Yes I have packages...I just dont know who from or anything like that. They came to argentina but they are just staying in to offices until presdient comes to are zone. That wont happen until the 16th of this month so I wont be able to tell you until after that so yea....Anyways, I hope that they made it and thanks for doing that for gallardo! What did i cost you to do that???  I can get it to him because he is still super close to me. Anyways about packages, THere are things that all need to understand in sending packages. First, Whatever you send me they will charge me for here again. It is how it works here on forgien things for some reason. So if you put expensive things inside you need to hide them some how. Maybe but it in a box of so other cheep thing so they can´t see it and the close to box again in a secert way. I dont know how but you can be creative. Also it will take some is really good about getting to argentina but once it gets into the mission hands that is when it gets tricky....the only get to tucuman when president comes or when the zls go to the you just need to to and I hate it. It basically is the same with letters...Now I dont want this to discourage anyone so please dont let it. Every letter and package is like heaven to me. Serious. I am so unbeilevable greatful for every single one! so That is that about packages. Just got to go with it and after the 16th I will let you know how it worked out It is kinda exspensive but that is that.... Anyways about what for christmas I reall have no Idea...I feel pretty good with everything....maybe so treats and stuff. I dont know...It is hard for me to say...I have got super chill to the life here so it just feels normal...i am not sure what I would want...I dont feel like I am missing anything less then american food and you cant really send that haha. um yep letter from everyone and pictures are always a plus. Mostly I just miss you guys and everything else is just there...That is one good thing about the mission....It sure has given me a greater appreation for my family...We will talk about you last comment by the way a little later in this letter. anyways a flash drive would be nice but that will cost a lot if you send it. So if you do that is one thing that you have to hide. Like 4 gbs or something. Also maybe so other stuff...honestly I will let you know haha. I have to think about this...that is a a hard one. but I will tell you next week.
So It has just be a interesting time. plus conference always makes me a little homesick...It makes me think of my old job haha. but conference was amazing...the voice of Holland is still ringing in my ears, "Do you love me?". Luckly I got to see 3 of the 4 sessiones in english so it was all of the more powerful. I dont think that any other conference has hit me as powerfully as this one. I loved it all.  I love the talk by ucthdorf was one of my favorites!!! It was all about making time for the things that are really important and not having regrets. That is something that I think that we could all us and take action in. conference week is one of the best in all of the mission. It is such a great time to learn and get feeled with the spirit and to feel good. It was great to hear all of the stories of emery. She sounds like a big ball of joy haha. It sounds like she likes to play. It is sad that she likes football and not soccer but what can you do haha. Also I like ucthdorf more also bahaha.
So the whole comp thing has chilled a little. I have resorted to messing with him a little to clean time. Maybe it isnt the best thing to do but oh well haha. It is the only way I can make it...I just have to laugh at all of the crazy parts haha.
Tucuman is going well. Are area is still really slow and I have now learned what the ward thinks of missionaries from the past because of my president. Appearently they had a bad experiene with some elders or something so that is now the new challenge. I am not going to let it affect me. I have a lot of hope for this haha. It use to be a zl area so it had to be good at some time right? I just got to stay nice and positive and that is about it. And thanks for all of the prayers. They are helping I think haha. It is faith turned into power for sure!
sorry about the whole empty nester thing....that has got to be super hard. but you can chose to endure it well. Plus with all of the free time you can do whatever the heck that you want bahaha. so enjoy it while it lasts! and you are totally celestial materail mam. Dont lose faith in that. YOu can do it and the lord wants you there by his side and I want you there. Dont worry about all of the mistakes or anything like that with the whole fam. It wasn´t like anyt of us were angels either. Honestly I have done some pretty stupid things and deserved a lot of the things that happened haha. I had the perfect and only mother for me and her name is Lafon Simpson Allen and I am proud to call her my mother! She is such a great example of strength and hard work to me. She has such power grace and love in her soul.  I love you love and I love the fact that you are my mom. I wouldnt change it for anything. Yes forgiveness is a big part of the family but you should already no that I have forgiven for ever ago and will until we become perfect and dont have to ask to be forgiven haha. we are perfect and that is that. Plus he that doesn´t forgive wont be forgiven so it is basically a commandment to forgive haha. Everyone just needs to stop looking for the fualts and everything that they think is wrong and just go forward with understanding and care but this is something that I have already addressed in this email so you should know that haha.
Anyways the mission is slow but good. You guys are all in my prayers and i am thinking about you a ton. Tell the moms to give my hellos to all of my friends and all of them that are all missions. I miss those guys a ton. Tell josh good luck on the mission for me and that to. I love you all and thanks for all of the support!!!!!

Elder Allen

P.S. Dyc 121(along with the talk from gordon b hinckley at byu)  y 122

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