Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- Oct 8, 2012

AAAAYYYY MAMMY, (benchwarmers way)

conf. was da bomb. haha i left my notes at home :( but it was like a 1/4 of that blue journal it seemed like haha. it was really good! (Refer to dads email abt the age change)
we had a few investigators at conf. but the problem is they just moved out of our area and even though their bap. date is on the 21st we have to pass them off :( i;m bummed out but it's ok i';m sure there is a reason for it. Elder Costa;s B'-day is november 4. i;m sure he'd like ties (probs no a skinny.) haha, pancake batter/mix whatever ya call it. the dude loves them. and makes some almost every day, he likes those 4 color pens (BIC) the ones with like a blue and white body that grandma used to bring us. he loves those. haha, or maybe some of those twistable colored pencils...etc i dunno crap...stuff like that ;)

I'm glad eli is growing a mind of his own. with the ootes otes, haha we had dinner w/ some members last night, and they had a 3 year old little girl, and she was killin me. she reminded me of eli so much it was tough.but all is well :)

REFER to dad's email abt potty training as well :)

Finding's kinda crappy here, cause the rich wont talk to us, and the poor can't get to church, and our ward is kinda having issues (kinda a lot) with getting up and DOING anything. so it's very frustrating. For example the ward asked us yesterday if we had any investigators that would bring a member to church, beacuse no one in the ward would. rediculous. i know. but we're working on it. and i'm not saying the ppl in the ward aren,t great ppl. they jsut don't understand why they need to do things. and that they need to help out. but whatevs. we'll get there. 

But back to finding, it's not only tough cause of the $$ diferance, but the fact that the ward/stakes have the Keys to finding, but won;t give refferals. so we can talk to ppl all day and it dosn't ammount to much. so meh, we're workin on it. 

It's the last week of the transfer (weird cause that means i only have 16 left!) time flies.(not in greg's sense tho) and this week we have a Mission Conferance, with the 70' Elder & Sister Zwick (sp) so that happens on wed so i'm excited for that!

I'm glad ya'll can be safe(ish) sorry, about steves team/coach scenario hope it gets bettah. glad you could have fun in PC sorry it's getting cold, but send me some good fall pics!

LOVE YA'll a butt load :) 

AELSTE Ferguson

Danish I think haha
(The Tropical air is good for Elder Ferguson's facial hair)

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