Sunday, October 14, 2012

About Elder Matthew Whittle-- October 13, 2012

Hi Everyone!

Here is a note that was sent to Matthew's cousin, Krista, in Logan, Utah from Matthew's companion.  Thanks for sharing Krista!!!!

From:  Krista
I got a postcard from Matthews Companion Ty Rupp, who I know from high school. Matthew mentioned him a couple letters ago, anyway thought i would share with you what he said!

"Your Cousin Elder Matt Whittle wanted me to say hi for him. I thought it was pretty cool to find out that you guys are related. Elder Whittle is one of the best missionaries I have ever served with. All your family should know that he shows his love for people unlike any missionary I have met. So it is an honor to be serving here in Vista with him. We are going through some struggles but with patience, miracles always come through. I love the mission and love serving the Lord with your cousin, he really is a stud."

Elder Ty Rupp

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