Monday, October 22, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- October 24, 2012


So 1st day w/ Elder Cooper during comp study he's like what hymn do you wanna sing? I picked "High on a Mountain Top" and said "check it my great great g pa wrote that" and he was all "wait, wait EB BEEZ is myyyyy relative!" so we're cuzins haha somehow, he's from Taylorsville, and he's been out for about a year and a half and is super cool, he's great. :) I';m glad you all got my letters cant't wait to get my reply's :)

Glad that dad is golfing a lot, still bummed about the Braves but go Tigers!!  That's cool about the bedroom set. Today we drove right by Harry potter land/world whatever haha :)

The work is.....rough right now, but we're doing our best and we just keep plugging away, chipping away. The funny thing is in our area there are soooo many people, its annoying we can't teach even a good portion of them. but we know theLlord has a plan, and is preparing the ones he wants to hear the gospel.

It was funny the other day we were over in the ghetto and it's like alllllllll black people right? So were cruising down the street looking around and I see a white person walking down the street up ahead, i thought nothing of it, untill we got close and I realized it wasn't a white person, but a "light" black person. and it was then that I realized that about 90% of the people we see out here are black. it's weird, and the funny thing is it's been almost 8 weeks out here, and I'm just realizing it hahaha.

It's great everytime we go over to the Swaseys house for dinner/or a meeting or anything, Sister Swasey either hooks me up w/ a full pineapple, or a nice freshly cut bowl full!! She's so great!!

Keep helping Bronch thanks, I love the photos!

I talked to a guy a few times this week who was.......interesting, his religion is Econcar. (ekkancar) something crazy it come fromhte book "the tigers Fang/claw?". He's nuts, but the first time we met him we taught the restoration and we asked soo do you think this is true?/could happen? and he's all oh yeah totally,II don't think it, I know it. rIGHT? so we gave him some BOM reading, and we go back, and ask him how it was, he said ".....hmmm interesting, we said oh YEaH? how so? he goes well, starts reading reads like a verse and a half, and stops after is says something aboutC hrist telling us to be baptized, and he goes, we don't need to do that! We were like oh yeah, cool, how come? And he's like well we only do it to join a church, not to follow Christ. we can follow him without that, we asked well then why was he baptized? And he said so he could show us what we're supposed to do..but we don't need to be baptized to be saved....a brotha is crazzzzzyyyyy.

Did I tell you about the ARCH ANGEL we met like my 3rd or 4th week out? she was great. hahaha

gotta go, love you all!!!!!!!

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