Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- October 29, 2012

Well mom, the video/audio clip or whatever it was didn't work. and  I didn't get any other emails from you guys...
The week was good, Tuesday we went on exchanges w/ the ZL's and it was a really cool experience, 
I made sure to act/vocalize every promp I got, and in doing so we saw lots of miracles and met some really cool people. Then the last few days were good, on Friday night i ate dinner w/ Brother N, a guy who made gregs "M-Tad" infared system so we talked about that stuff and it was really cool, but this week was bike week, and was suuuuper windy! cause of that hurricane. We're meeting w/ J. U. tonight! He's such a funny guy, acts like a 14 year old surfer bum, it's pretty hilarious/sad that he has'nt grown up. Then on Saturday night the ward had a trunk or treat that was suuuper fun it was for the 4 wards in our area and it was really fun. We're meeting with this family of a suuuper rasta dad and his wife, and their son M . they are really awesome, but right now our teaching pool is prettty small, so we're trying to expand it. 
I bought a jacket today cause freezing the last few days! and I don't have any long sleeve things (other than my suit coat.) the work is great, and I love hearing from all of you. Thanks mom for the little Work sheet, and talk, it was one of my top 5 from conference for sure! I'll try to send Brooke and Eli's B-day stuff next p-day, or tuesday so hopefully it gets there on time. I'm happy for ya'll. Keep me posted w/ life. We're carving pumpkins in a few minutes, so i'll take some photo's and send them to you next week, o and tomorrow I'll be on exchanges w/ the Portugese elders so wish me luck hahaha
Elder Ferguson

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