Monday, October 29, 2012

Elder Corbin Moore-- October 29, 2012

Well we had an amazing week down here in San Pedro. So we did some more exchanges this week, because since we have two new missionaries in our zone we have to go out with them. So on Tuesday I went over to the Redono area. I was nice to get back out on a bike and just getting my legs back into it. Riding up big hills, and then zooming down them. What a great time it was and the great view, just made it. Well the Elders in that area have been doing a lot of tracting and so we were doing a lot of that. One of the streets that we were on, I guess is super popular for Halloween and Christmas, because all the house on that street decorated there house and what not. And for Christmas there is even one house that gets snow shipped in. Usually they bus thousdands of kids into this neighborhood, for halloween, and during Christmas it is a 15 min drive just to the end of the street. So we went around offering to help put up Halloween decorations. After all I do have my fair share of training in that area. Climbing up on the roof, every year to hang up Jack Sparrow. We didn't have too much success but it was super fun.
The following day I was on exchanges with the other new missionary. We had a good day and were able to teach a couple lessons, with some new investigators, and some less-actives. Turned out to be a good day. Then Elder Hardman did a ton of exchanges reports so that we could them up to the office by Thursday.
Ok so now I'm going to tie in the subject for this letter. So on Saturday, Elder Hardman and I were having an interesing day, so we decided to go to 7 Eleven, to get some slurpees. We went in and we standing in line to check out we this kid came up to us dressed in a white robe. He put his head in a cloth and then lifted his face out of it. There was a picture of Christ on the cloth, and he said that he was Jesus for Halloween. We were kinda surprised but then decided to talk to the mother. She said that she was sick of all the scary costumes of Halloween and she wanted her kids to be something nice. We asked them what their plans were for that night. They said that they didn't know, and so we invited them to come to a ward Trunk-or-Treat that we were having. We gave them the address and went our separate ways. Well 30 minutes into the party, the M. family walked in. We were blown away. We got some members to mingle with them and then close to the end of the party, the dad came up to us. He told us that he was an inactive member for like 30 years. He told us that his wife was wondering if we could teach her the lessons. Apparently she had been taking the lessons like 6 years ago. So last night we took them to a musical fireside and they loved it. We are so happy for them, and are excited to see what happens. Miracles do happen, even if you are just getting a slurpee at 7 Eleven. Have a wonderful week.
Con Amor
Elder Moore

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