Monday, October 8, 2012

Elder Taylor Ferguson-- Oct 8, 2012


What's funny is you said we, and i already knew it would be all the ppl listed haha! mmmmmmmm steak, i'm jealous. but since my diet change too much red meat kind of makes me sick. hahaha i know i'm dissapointed as well. It's funny cause Out here they have salad almost every meal, so lucky me i get to go to chow town on it. BLeck. I can handle it w/out gagging it down when it doesn't have any dressing but w/ dressings I pretty much want to die. I only drink water, OJ(cause i;m in the orange state hahah) and Diet V8 juice stuff, cause if i drink much else i start to feel kinda sick. it's a weird change. but i have loads of energy so it's alright. 

I wish they'dve given that news a year ago when i was pumped to go! but i think that it was good they didn't cause now i have a lot more direction for my career path. so it's all good. That sounds hilarious!! haha ooooh potty training...i feel for you dad, I do not envy that part of eli's progression. i'm sure you can find a way to find the funny/cuteness in it tho.

haha fall. here it's still like 75/85ish it is pretty nice, a lil hot sometimes but not too bad. i'm pretty used to the humidity by now, but when it rains and you walk outside and like inhale a liter of water. it's not fun hahaha. it rains almost every day here, and OH MY GOSH it really is the lightning capitol of the world. it's so rad during storms it's pretty much constant. I love it.

glad you could get some tee time going. i dunno if i mentioned my area/ ward is split (right in the middle of the area too, on a main road) between pretty wealthy (millionaires/and multi's) and ppl who have virtually nothing. so there are plenty of G courses in my area, but no one has offered to take us yet haha. on p-days we usually play B ball at the gym which isn't my fav but is good cardio haha. so it's fun. my favorite shot is the no look lay up haha i'm terrible but it's fun.

today i was trying to help elder costa pronounce "BEACH" properly, and everytime he tried to say it, it sounded more like B**** hahahaha, so after about 5-10 minutes of trying to explain it i said...."just say coast" hahah it was great.

Thanks for everything you've done for me dad. i love you. 

ELder Ferguson

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